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Dryer Vent Problems

Dryer vents are a part of a bigger system. Dryer vents function to allow air flow from the dryer. Though dryer vents are a component of the system, their proper installation, maintenance and care will allow the dryer to operate smoothly. Cleaning the dryer vent is also an important procedure for these vents. Sometimes individuals may have external issues such as objects falling into the vent or blockages inside or at the opening of the vent. Listed below are a few common questions that have been answered by the Experts on dryer vent problems.

A dryer vent has stagnant water in it causing the dryer to take thrice the amount of time to get a load dry, what could be the problem?

This is one of the common issues faced with dryer vents. Most likely the vent running through a house is clogged which is not allowing for proper air flow and release of air outside. If this vent is short, the individual can attempt to clean it themselves. However if the dryer vent is long, the individual may need to contact a vent company to inspect and clean the vent for them.

If an individual cleaned a dryer vent and disconnected from the exhaust what could be the cause of dryer only blowing warm air?

Once the individual had disconnected the vent from the back, if it worked fine, the problem could be with the exhaust exit at the roof. Most exhausts or vent flaps usually have a screen which prevent birds from settling there or building nests. In order to check this, the individual will need to get to the roof, check and clean out the screen if necessary. Even when the individual has vents whose exhausts are not at roof level, there is still a possibility of nests. The individual could even rent a snake device from a rental place and run it through the vent duct to clear out any blockage.

How would an individual access a dryer vent fan that has an object stuck in it?

This may not be a vent which is easy to access. To get to the blower wheel, unplug the dryer and pull it forward. Unscrew the two bolts from the back of the top panel. Once removed the top panel should come back, up and off. Next the individual will need to remove the screws attached to the control panel at the interior of the dryer. Remove the control panel out of the way. Open the door and remove the screws below the doorway allowing the individual to remove the front panel and providing access to the inside of the dryer vent assembly.

Why is there water collected in a dryer vent?

The dryer vent could be clogged at some point causing the moisture from the dryer to build up and accumulate in the vent. Though the vent maybe partially venting the air flow outside, any restriction within vent would lead to moisture build up and subsequently convert to water and collect as water in the vent. Usually dryer vents should not be longer than 15 feet. If your vent is longer than this size but has functioned fine until now, it is better to remove it all together, inspect the vent to find the clog and clear it.

What could be the cause of a dryer vent to disconnect from the wall and the dryer when the unit is turned on?

Usually the dryer vents should have clamps on them. Lint accumulation is likely if you have not used clamps on the vents. Check if the vent on the outside has any lint blocking it as well as the inside of the vent tube. Another possibility is that the vent could have expanded over time and the clamps are not fitting as tight as they used to.

Dryer vents may not be the actual appliance but they perform an important role. The above listed general problems you can face with the dryer vents are only few among various other issues such as installation of dryer vents which may be a complicated task. Sometimes it can be fixed by a layman with an idea of the mechanics behind it and at other times, a professional may be required. To get a fair idea regarding the dryer vent issues faced by many individuals, Experts can provide information and solutions to these problems.
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