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Dry Cat Food Related Questions

Has your cat suddenly lost interest in dry cat food? Do you need to know if you should be concerned or wait for him or her to resume eating habits? Your pets are a part of your family and you want them to stay healthy. When they become ill it is essential to get reliable answers in a timely manner. This is obtainable from verified Experts from the comfort of your home. 

Read below where verified Experts have answered questions for other pet owners.

What can happen to a cat who experiences a loss of appetite?

When a cat exhibits a loss of appetite it can point to issues such as:

  • chronic pancreatitis
  • dietary sensitivity
  • allergies
  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • heart disease
  • internal organ failure
  • hyperthyroidism
  • partial or full gastrointestinal obstruction
  • cancers

How long can a cat live without eating or drinking?

Several days after a cat hasn’t eaten the liver starts to break down fat to use for energy. Liver disease can develop from this. Typically, this occurs around five days of no food especially in overweight kittens. Dehydration will become life threatening before lack of eating. If the cat is overweight then they can longer with no food for weeks as long as fluid is received. It will be based on what illness made the cat stop eating. Depending on the cause the cat can expire much sooner due to that illness. The fix can be as simple as switching out dry cat food for soft food or as difficult as hospitalization.

What is recommended for a senior cat that has been eating the same dry cat food for years but now refuses and has been throwing up?

Some cats have sensitive stomachs. If a new food or item swallowed was introduced whether intentionally or unintentionally it can throw the digestive system off and cause vomiting. Non-food items like plants are often culprits that irritate the stomach.  In order to effectively diagnose what has caused the issue a veterinarian would need to examine the cat. They can perform x-rays and run blood test in order to prescribe the best treatment.

What would cause an old cat that loves dry cat food to no longer enjoy the food and vomit even after switching brands?

The switch in food could likely be the cause of the vomiting. When dealing with old cats any time there is weight loss or vomiting there is a potential health problem occurring. It is recommended to have a vet fully examine for any evidence of diabetes, kidney disease, or hyperthyroidism. You may want to first switch back to the original cat food to see if that helps.

What is recommended for a 15-year-old cat that is having difficulty swallowing dry cat food?

Increased difficulty with swallowing in an older cat can be indicative of a developing health issue. A possibility is cancer. Sarcomas are a type of tumor that results in a slow growing, non-painful swelling.  A biopsy, either a fine needle aspiration or an incisional biopsy, will be needed to identify what might be occurring. A moist soft diet may be preferable to the dry food for now. The food can also be pureed to make it easier to go down.

What could cause a cat to throw up their dry cat food once every 10 days or so?

If the cat is behaving as normal and continues to eat and drink then likely what is occurring isn’t systemic. Cats do not vomit for no reason at all so it can be due to an irritation or upset stomach. Food allergies or sensitivities, foreign objects ingested, and heartworm disease are just a few things that can be culprits.

Health concerns may be primary suspicion when your cat begins to falter on their eating habits. You may find you have questions about the types of dry cat food your cat is eating or if certain foods should be restricted in your cat’s dietary regime. Contact verified Experts today for all your cat care questions. Verified Experts are readily available to assist you with all of your concerns. 

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