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Drug Trafficking Laws

What is drug trafficking?

Drug trafficking is defined as the process of shipping a large amount of illegal drugs or controlled substance with the intent sell, manufacture, or deliver. Drug trafficking is believed to be an illegal profitable activity which can be a felony if convicted. Drug trafficking is a serious offense. Many individuals are not aware of the penalties that follow drug trafficking. Contact the Experts if you or someone you know has been arrested for drug trafficking and need more information.

In the state of Alabama if someone is accused of drug trafficking should this person show up for a preliminary hearing or can the attorney go alone?

In most cases, when facing a preliminary hearing, the accused is not allowed to decide whether they show up or not show up. In most situations appearance is mandatory. The attorney can represent the defendant for many different civil matters when dealing with a criminal charge such as drug trafficking, but for a preliminary hearing it will be required for the defendant to show up. Depending on the situation, but in most situations the defendant must show up in person for this hearing.

In the state of Georgia how long can the District Attorney’s office keep a drug trafficking case open without an accusation date?

If this person has went before the judge to resolve a bail, then that person was charged and prosecuted. This is confirmed when the case shows the filing date. In this case the statute of limitations would not be applied in this situation, because the case has already be filed.

In the state of Florida is someone was charged with a felony for drug trafficking and the agreement for not being sent to prison was to be an informant for the law enforcement, are there any rights this person has to keep their name confidential?

In the state of Florida unless there was some sort legal written agreement with the District Attorney on this case while the person was helping them, then this individual will have no right to have their identity kept confidential. However, the informant can request that their name be kept confidential but would need to get the agreement in writing.

In the state of Ohio what are the statue of limitations regarding drug trafficking?

According to the Ohio Revised Code 290.13 the appropriate statute of limitation for a felony is six years. So what this means is that the prosecution for a felony for drug trafficking charge in the state of Ohio and according to the Ohio Revised Code 2925.03 must be started within six years after the crime had been committed.

When dealing with the many different drug trafficking laws within each state, these different laws can often times be quite confusing. Also when someone is dealing with a drug trafficking problem, they may not know quite which way to turn and where they can go within their state in order to receive help. These many different legal insights can be addressed by the Experts.
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