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There are many types of drug tests;however they are all gear to detect foreign chemicals within the body. These chemicals can be present because ofthe illegal use of drugs, or prescription medication. These tests are used to help employers determine if someone is using a substance that might hinder their focus on safety in the workplace. Drug tests are also used by hospitals, law enforcement and the government as well as being used in other scenarios. Since many drugs leave the body fairly quick most drug tests have also been designed to detect the metabolites that are left behind. Traces of druguse can be found in a person’s saliva, blood, urine, and hair follicles. For this reason there are many way to test for these substances. Read below where Experts have answered questions regarding drug tests.

What is the most accurate drug testing method?

There are many drug testing methods that can produce accurate results. However, over the years individuals have found ways to tamper with most of these in order to cause a false negative result. Follicle analysis has been found the most reliable method of detecting drug use. This is true for several reasons. Follicle analysis is sensitive and can detect illicit drugs as well as prescription medications for up to 90 days. Blood or urine tests only have a threshold of about 3 to 7 days. Tampering with the follicle test is virtually impossible. This is because the test is done on the newest of hair growth. So bleaching, dying or washing the hair does not affect the ability to test the follicles.

How accurate are home drug tests?

All drug testing methods work about the same from high tech screenings to home testing methods. These tests are geared to detect many different forms of drugs. There is a possibility for a defective test or even a false positive result with each testing method. However, there is not much difference between the accuracy of professional and home tests. If a home test result comes out positive or negative it most likely would do the same on a professional grade test.

Why is drug tests done before prescribing pain medicine?

Drug testing in the medical setting has not been made mandatory in the United States. However, physicians and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) have been pushing for it to be made mandatory. The reason for this is prescription opiates are given in good faith for pain management. Both doctors and patients alike can benefit from tests such as these. They are a good way to detect and prevent those who may be abusing prescription medication. This allows doctors the ability to prescribe this type of pain medicine with confidence. In most cases when a patient declines a physicians request to take a test, the doctor will refuse to prescribe such pain medication. This is not a refusal of treatment it is a preventive measure doctors have adapted to ward out potential drug seekers.

Do employees get told employment drug test results?

At times an employer has applicants sign a waiver giving up their right to be notified of the results of a drug tests.Some companies have a contract with drug testing facilities. When this is the case, In the event a test comes up positive the facility will can the employee before informing the company. This is to give the applicant a chance to provide evidence of a medical reason for the positive result. Often the medical reason must be confirmed in writing by the applicant’s physician or pharmacist. If the testing facility doesn’t call this often indicates that the test came back clear of controlled substances.

Will a drug test detect huffing?

Huffing is a growing problem among adolescence and teens. Signs that a child is doing this are often hard to detect. There are only a few tests that can detect abuse of inhalants. Blood testing and a urinal analysis are both needed to confirm inhalations. Below is a list of aspects that will require testing:
• Complete blood count
• Electrolyte levels
• Phosphorous
• Calcium
• Acid assessment
• Hepatic and renal profiles
• An analysis of the muscle and cardiac enzymes

There are many types of drug tests each manufacture to detect the use of illegal drugs and prescription medication. They can be used by parents at home to find out if their children are using or used by companies to make sure potential employees are drug free. However, the testing methods available now days can detect even the tiniest traces of chemicals left in the body. When questions arise regarding drug tests, turn to the Experts that can help answer these questions and more.
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