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Drug Abuse Questions

Drug abuse is the act of overusing or using a substance in a method that is unsafe or otherwise unsupervised by a medical professional. Also known as substance abuse, drug abuse ranges from mood altering prescription drugs to alcohol, narcotics and hallucinogens. Impulsive behaviors usually accompany drug abuse. Because drugs affect the brain, quitting drugs can be very hard for addicts. When drug abuse is mentioned, many questions arise. Take a look at the drug abuse questions below that have been answered by Experts.

Is it possible to have an adult committed for drug abuse?

It is possible to have an adult committed for drug abuse. Many states have an involuntary hold that lasts for about 72 hours. When the hold is up, the person can sign themselves out of a facility. If your goal is to commit the adult for a longer duration, you will have to go for a competency hearing. This is where you will go before the judge, declare the adult incompetent, ask for formal Conservatorship and guardianship rights. Once you have this, you can have the person committed into a drug abuse program, acting as their legal guardian.

Can a Psychologist diagnose me with "drug abuse" or does he need to be an M.D. or a D.O.? I can't refill my pain meds because he is scared I am too dependent on them. I am in Texas.

In this situation, it appears that the psychologist is worried of potential addiction and doesn't want to give you the meds any longer. It doesn't appear that he is diagnosing you with drug abuse. In Texas, a physician has the right to decide who can have and who cannot have refills on prescriptions. Even if the physician is in the wrong, they have that right and there is nothing that the patient can do about it. So the physician has the right to stop refilling your meds.

Can I deny custody of my daughter to my ex? I have proof of drug abuse at ex girlfriend's house?

If your ex-girlfriend has currant visitation rights with your daughter, you cannot legally deny her. However, if you know your daughter could be subjected to danger, neglect or other forms of child endangerment, you can't let her go. Tell the ex-girlfriend to go to court and get a visitation order. Once this is done, you will have a chance to explain and defend your actions as well as request that your ex conduct all visitation with your daughter at your home. You should write a letter to the ex-girlfriend that states that; due to the drug abuse, she is welcome to visit your daughter at your home or other location that won't put your daughter in danger. You need to send the letter through certified mail and request a return receipt. You should start gathering witnesses who can testify to the drug abuse in the ex-girlfriend's home.

I have a drug abuse charge and a DUI on my record. Can I have that record sealed? I live in Ohio.

In Ohio, you cannot get a DUI expunged. In order to have the drug abuse charge expunged, Ohio law states that you can only have the one charge on your record. At this point, your best chance of having these charges off of your record would be to apply for a pardon. You would apply through the Governor's office.

Drug abuse has been the ruin of many families, careers, dreams and lives. Many people are unsure of where to turn in times of a crisis related to drug abuse. There are agencies and facilities that can help a family through drug abuse and addiction. If you have questions or doubts about drug abuse, you need to ask an Expert who can offer solutions to your individual situation.
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