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Drontal for Dogs

When treating your new pet for various parasites and worms is Drontal for dogs your best choice in deworming medications? What are the main ingredients and are there side effects associated with these drugs? These are all questions we ask ourselves in offering our pets the best treatment in cleaning up an unsightly condition that is common in pets.

What is Drontal for dogs?

Drontal for dogs is made up of three active ingredients. These ingredients include: praziquantel, pyrantel and febantel. All these ingredients are used in the treatment and prevention of tapeworms, hookworms and even roundworms. These components work independently of each other without interruption or delay of treatment.

Is the Drontal for dogs, toxic for humans?

Drontal for dogs has three active ingredients, such as praziquantel, pyrantel and febantel. However, praziquantel and pyrantel may both be used in order to treat number conditions that are in humans. Febantel is not known to be used in humans, but additional safety information may be obtained through various drug hot lines.

What should an individual use for a dog with a severe hookworm infestation?

In most cases, Drontal for dogs is a broad spectrum dewormer that is used for treatment and prevention of hookworms, tapeworms and roundworms. In offering different dosages, this may work best when treating the number of different breeds in dogs.

What can an individual do to control a situation where all their dogs tested positive for Giardia and are currently on Drontal but are still experiencing diarrhea mixed with blood?

Drontal is normally used for the treatment and prevention of hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms. With this being said, even though it can be a successful treatment of giardia, in some cases an individual may need to talk to their veterinarian about an alternative treatment when a pet is not be receiving the results necessary in gaining control of parasites.

Is there a treatment for a dog that has hookworms?

An individual will need to know if the dog has been previously treated for the hookworms before offering additional treatment. There may be several medications available for treatment and prevention of many parasites in dogs. Drontal for dogs is a broad spectrum dewormer commonly used for treatment of hookworms. If Drontal has already been used, an additional treatment may be necessary and can be repeated in three weeks from the initial treatment. A stool sample may need to be tested in a few weeks to determine if treatment is successful or if additional treatments are needed. This is a condition that can be treated and a follow up with a veterinarian will offer the dog relief of these symptoms.

Drontal for dogs is commonly used as a dewormer treatment. In that all dewormers may have side effects, knowing and understanding the drugs that are offered to pets in order to ward off any additional discomfort or symptoms associated with the care of a pet. An Expert may offer insight of Drontal for dogs’ side effects and aide in following your pets’ treatment in case a problem should arise.
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