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Questions on Driving License Rules

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) have put together a set of driving license rules and regulations to make sure that people do not misuse a license, follow the law and do not commit any traffic offenses. As per these rules, people may also lose their driving license if they commit certain traffic offenses. It is important for people to be aware of the different driving license rules if they are either applying for a driving license or already have one. Given below are common questions about driving licenses that are answered by the Experts.

What is the procedure to get a driver’s license in the State of Maryland?

A resident of Maryland who does not have a driver’s license from another state may have to go to driving school and get a learner’s permit for a period of 9 months before getting a license. Taking this route through a driving school may cost around $400.

Can an individual with a commercial driver’s license go to traffic school to prevent points from being added to his/her license?

An individual with a commercial driver’s license may not be able to go to traffic school to prevent points from getting added to his/her license as commercial driving license holders are typically not eligible for traffic school.

How can an individual with a New York license get a license in Florida?

An individual with a New York driver’s license may have to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles in Florida and provide proof of his/her residency in Florida. He/she may also have to surrender his/her New York driver’s license at the motor vehicles bureau in Florida. In some situations, the Department of Motor Vehicles in Florida may even ask the individual to give a driving test.

Should an individual inform the DMV of a mild stroke that he/she had while renewing his/her license?

An individual may inform the DMV of a mild stroke that he/she had while renewing his/her driving license. The individual may also provide the DMV with a certificate from the doctor stating that the stroke has not affected the individual’s ability to drive. If the individual does not inform the DMV of the stroke and there is an accident, he/she could get into trouble and be held responsible for any damages that were caused.

How many points would an individual need to receive to lose his/her license in the State of California?

An individual may lose his/her driving license if he/she received 4 points on the license in one year in the State of California.

Can an individual get a driving license without the SR-22 insurance?

In most situations, it may not be possible for an individual to get a driving license without the SR 22 insurance. The Department of Motor Vehicles may require the insurance in order to issue the driving license to the individual.

What would be the consequences of driving alone with a learner’s permit in Texas?

According to the Texas driving license rules, if an individual is caught driving alone with a learner’s permit, it may be considered to be a misdemeanor and the individual may have to pay a fine of $200. He/she may also lose his/her driving privileges.

What can an individual do to reinstate his/her driving license if it was suspended due to “driving under the influence” (DUI) charge?

If an individual, whose driving license was suspended due to a DUI offense wants to reinstate his/her license, he/she may do so by paying a reinstatement fee of $45, completing the Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program, providing proof of the SR-22 insurance and proving that he/she has installed the ignition interlock device in his/her vehicle.

Every state in the US may have different rules and regulations for driving licenses. It may be difficult for you to find out about the rules in your state if you do not know where to look and whom to ask. Asking an Expert about driving license rules can help you get useful information in a quick and cost-effective manner.
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