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Questions on Expired Driving Licenses

Driving with an expired license can lead to serious consequences. It is necessary for people to renew their driver’s license before they start driving again if it has expired. Each state may have different procedures and documents to renew expired driving licenses. Individuals may not know what the process of license renewal is in their respective states. Also, it may not always be easy for people to find out about driving license expiry and renewal on their own either. Given below are important questions about expired driving licenses answered by the Experts.

How much time would an individual have in Idaho to renew an expired license?

An individual in Idaho may have up to one year to renew his/her license without taking any written or driving tests. If the license has been expired for more than a year, the individual may have to take the written and driving tests.

What is the punishment for driving with an expired license in the State of Virginia?

Driving with an expired license in Virginia may be considered to be a class 2 misdemeanor. If an individual is caught, he/she may get up to 6 months of jail time or a fine of $1000 or both. In some situations, the judge may also suspend the individual’s license. If the individual is caught again, it may be treated as a class 1 misdemeanor and he/she may get up to 1 year in jail with a fine of $2,500.

What documents would be required to renew a driver’s license in North Carolina?

An individual may be required to bring his/her current or expired license to renew it in North Carolina. If he/she has mentioned the Social Security number on the file, the individual may have to present his/her Social Security card or any other government document to provide proof of residency in that state. The individual may have to give a vision test, a traffic sign test and in some situations, a road test. If the individual does not have a current or expired license, he/she will need to provide another proof of identification like a birth certificate or any other identification issued by the government that has his/her address listed on it.

Can the state suspend an individual’s expired driving license?

The state may suspend an individual’s expired driving license. This means that the state suspends the individual’s ability to renew the license. In most situations, the license may be suspended for a specific period of time or till the individual performs the act that may be required to restore it.

What can an individual do if he/she is caught driving with an expired license in Florida?

If an individual is caught driving with a license that expired less than 4 months ago, it may be considered to be a civil infraction. If the license has remained expired for more than 4 months, it may be considered to be a criminal traffic violation. The individual can face jail time when caught. In such situations, the individual can request a court hearing. If the individual needs time to renew the license, he/she can inform the court and request for a continuance. The charges may be dismissed if the individual can come back and show that he/she has renewed the license. If the court does not dismiss the charges, the individual can decide if he/she wants to fight the ticket or plead guilty. The court may let the individual go with a withhold of adjudication, court costs and fines if it is a first time offense.

Can an individual whose license expired in Idaho, apply for a renewal in Oregon?

An individual, whose license has expired in the State of Idaho, may not be able to renew it in Oregon. He/she may have to apply as a new applicant in Oregon or renew his/her license in Idaho first and then apply for a license in Oregon.

Besides renewal of an expired license, you may also want to know about the penalties and fines that you may have to pay if you are caught with an expired license. These penalties and fines may differ from state to state in the US. It can be time consuming and expensive for you to hire an attorney to get information on expired driving licenses. In such situations, you can take the help of an Expert who can offer you information about driving license expiry and renewal in a quick, efficient and economical manner.
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