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Driveway Parking Law Questions

Do you have questions about common laws regarding driveway parking and need answers fast? Did you know there are laws regarding parking in your driveway? Because each city may vary on the rules and regulations of driveway parking, you need to be aware of your rights. Read below where Experts have answered questions regarding driveway parking laws.

In the state of California, can an officer park in a residential driveway to clock oncoming traffic?

This really depends on if the homeowner will allow it or not. While many officers park in residential driveways, most ask for permission prior to parking. If the homeowner doesn't want the officer using his/her driveway for this type of activity, the owner can call the police department and request that the officer be asked to move out of the driveway.

Who is at fault if one car gets hit by another car while parked in a driveway?

If the car was parked in a driveway and the second vehicle swerved and hit the parked car, the second car would be at fault. If the driver in the driveway has a witness to verify the driver in the second car wasn't paying attention and veered into the parked car, this would be helpful in making a case against the second car.

If a car is parked in the driveway and is never driven should it be registered?

In most areas, the owner can file a Planned Non Operation (PNO) status with the department of motor vehicles (DMV). However, every city and state has a variation of the law so the owner should find out what the local ordinances are. If the PNO status is allowed, the car can sit in the driveway until time to renew the registration. So long as the car doesn't leave the driveway, there shouldn't be an issue.

In New Jersey, is it legal to make a left turn over a double yellow line in order to pull into a parking lot or place of business?      

A double yellow line means no turning or passing at any time, for any reason and is not legal in New Jersey. The only way it is legal to cross lanes to enter a parking lot or place of business, there has to be breaks in the yellow lines. It is illegal whether the driver was on a private or public roadway.

Is it legal to have a car towed out of a driveway if the bumper is sticking out a little past the curb?  

Case details: Several cars were parked at an angle that the bumpers were all sticking out past the curb but only one car was towed. The owner of the car wants to use this argument as a defense.

Using the argument that the owner's car was the only car towed for violating the parking rules would be a weak defense. If the owner of the car had proof that only cars owned by a specific race, religion or ethnicity were being towed, there may be a defense. Such behavior is illegal and if enough people had been affected by this activity, the people as a group could file suit against the city. Other than this, the only way to avoid the ticket would be to have pictures of the parked car that shows there were no parking violations.

Who is at fault when a driver is backing out of a driveway and hits an improperly parked car?  

According to the law, a parked car cannot be at fault. The driver of a moving car is at fault for causing such accidents. It is the responsibility of the driver of a car to be alert of his/her surroundings and properly maneuver through parked vehicles. If there are parked cars blocking the roadway, the driver can call in a complaint and have those cars towed.

Many people are unfamiliar with driveway parking laws. Each city and state has a set of rules for inner-city parking and these rules can vary from one area to another. While you may know the driveway parking laws on your street or in your town, you may need information for other areas. For all your questions or concerns, contact a verified Expert that is available at your convenience from the comfort of your home.

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