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Drivers Test Rules

What is the driver’s test?

The driver’s test, also called the driving exam or driving test is a type of test that is designed to quiz a person’s ability to drive a motorized vehicle. The driver’s test is used to obtain a drivers license and consists of two parts, road test and the written test. Sometimes the test will have an oral or theory test. These tests are designed to confirm the person’s knowledge. The DNV does not provide the car for the person to take their test in. The person taking the test must provide their own car and proof of at least liability insurance.

Would a person that has a foreign license have to surrender their international license, if they wish to buy a car in New York and would they have to take the written driver’s test?

The only way that the person would be able to get a New York driver’s license without surrendering their foreign license, is to completely apply for the New York license by taking the driver’s test. When the person goes to gain insurance to buy a car, then he/she would need to tell the insurance agent that they have experience driving in the foreign country, but that driving experience does not show on their New York driving record.

If a person who does not read English, but can speak and understand it, has to take the driver’s test, can they take the written part orally?

Although some states do not permit any part of the driver’s test to be taken orally, there are some that will, upon request, administer the test orally. The person would need to contact the DNV and see if they will administer the test orally or how they would administer the test. If the DNV does not do the test orally, then the person would need to contact the Governor’s office and file a complaint as well as explain to them the situation. The person could also find a state that administers the test in oral form, gain the license there, and then transfer the license to the state of residence.

In the state of California, if a person takes the written test at 15, does he/she have to retake the written test at 16 when they go to take their drivers test?

In the state of California, the person must be 16 years old, have had their permit for 6 months or longer, completed all drivers education courses, have had 6 hours of professional driver training, and completed the 50 hours of practice driving with an adult that is 25 years old or older. The adult that is doing the practice must have a valid California drivers license and be able to state that the person did complete the 50 hours of practice and that at least 10 of the 50 hours have to be done at night. The person can go to to obtain more information.

If a person in a wheelchair goes to renew his/her license, can the DNV make the person retake their drivers test even when they have a completely clean record?

Although the DNV can require that any person be tested to make sure they can drive in safe conditions, the person can file a claim under the Americans with Disabilities Act. If the person feels like the DNV is discriminating against them for the disability that they have, then filing the complaint would be what the person should do.

When a person wants to gain their drivers license they must take a series of tests, called the driver’s test. These tests help the person to show that they can operate on the roads and that they have the knowledge of the rules of the roads. When the person has questions regarding the driver’s test, then he/she would need to seek the answers from an Expert.
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