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Drawer Refrigerator Problems

Drawer refrigerators are an innovative concept of refrigerators concealed as drawers and designed to fit as one unit with the remaining kitchen cabinets. They provide a uniform, clean finish and style to the kitchen along with elegance and convenience. Although these units appear as drawers, their basic functioning remains similar to regular refrigerators. They are meant to store food and maintain the temperature a few degrees above freezing point of water which is 37 to 40 degree Fahrenheit. Listed below are a few common asked questions that have been answered by the Experts on drawer refrigerators.

What could be the cause of a bottom drawer refrigerator to not cool or no movement is noticed inside the refrigerator?

An important fact to note is ideally there should not be much air movement within the refrigerator. The freezer fan should blow air very gradually into the refrigerator. It takes a couple of hours to cool the freezer but the refrigerator can take at least 24 hours to cool down. If you have waited and nothing has cooled with the fan running, it is likely you are facing a problem with the sealed system. It could be a blockage, a leak in the Freon line or an ineffective compressor. A Freon licensed repairman is required to perform this repair and you may need to contact one to fix your problem.

Why will the fridge door of an Amana bottom drawer refrigerator not shut on its own?

Some models of refrigerators come with the auto close system installed in them. This model may not be one of them as it may not have the spring or cam and raiser to allow the door to close automatically and it could only have the hinge at the bottom which the door sits on top of. This door will need to be closed manually at all times. You could try a temporary option of raising the front rollers by placing an object below the front of the refrigerator. This will result in a slight angle causing the refrigerator to tilt backward allowing the door shut on its own. However there is no permanent solution to make the door shut automatically apart from opting for a newer, advanced model.

What could be the cause of a bottom drawer refrigerator to make a clicking sound with an alarm going off and the display lights and temperature is not showing up?

First you should try unplugging the unit for an hour. On turning it back on, if you notice no change, the main board within the system has failed. This controls and powers the display board as well. It can be found at the back of the fridge and will need to be replaced. You could obtain the part at a local appliance parts supply store or check the GE website.

Why is there a drip behind the freezer drawer in a refrigerator resulting in a sheet of ice?

This is a fairly common problem of the defrost drain line freezing and requiring to be thawed out. It can occur for no apparent reason. To tackle it you need to start by emptying the freezer and removing its back panel. Use a hair dryer to thaw the ice and look for the drain hole. Pour hot water down the hole until you see the water draining correctly. Once it is doing so, blow compressed air into the pipe to ensure it is clear. Use a six inch long solid piece of copper wire to wrap around the defrost heater which is above the drain hole. Extend it into the defrost drain opening as well. This will help prevent the problem from recurring as the heat is transferred into the drain hole when the defrost heater comes on.

Though these drawer refrigerators are innovative in design and style, they need proper planning and positioning in your kitchen. When you face a problem with them, it could lead to some inconvenience in accessing the important components and resolving the issue quickly and efficiently. Sometimes it could affect the quality of the adjacent cabinet materials. To understand what you can do best to resolve other drawer refrigerator issues apart from the ones listed above, the help and guidance from Experts will prove to be useful and necessary.
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