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Drawer Dishwasher Problems

A drawer dishwasher is a relatively more resourceful device similar to a filing cabinet with each dishwasher containing two independent drawers. These appliances can have a single drawer for small apartments or two separate drawers stacked together. Each drawer can operate independent of the other, with different wash settings used on different loads. One can wash dishes while the other fills. Read below where Experts have answered many questions relating to drawer dishwashers.

Where is the control board located on a drawer dishwasher and how can an individual repair the LCD display when the control buttons do not work?

The chance of the control boards becoming defective is high. They are usually located at the front of the unit. To remove it, you need to remove the two plastic pins on either side which hold it in place by turning and pulling. After this, the front board should slide off. You can then reach across to access the control board to replace it. There is a chance that the main board as well as the display board may have to be replaced which is a fairly simple procedure. If you are not comfortable in doing so, you can engage the services of a technician.

Why does the bottom drawer on a dual drawer Kitchenaid dishwasher make a loud noise while draining?

The two possibilities causing your issue could be debris in your wash pump or a defective pump. To ascertain the situation you will need to remove the pump and inspect the interiors of the drawer. When you open the drawer and check its underside, the wash pump is usually on the left and the drain pump is on the right. Remove the bottom cover of the drawer, loosen the hose clamps and remove the drain pump. Keep a bath towel or bucket handy to absorb any excess water from the pump or tub. You could find waste such as glass, bones and toothpicks. Clear out the debris and check the dishwasher. If your problem persists you could replace the pump.

What does the error code F1 with a wrench symbol flashing on both drawers of a Fisher Paykel dishwasher signify?

The scenario when both drawers flash the F1 symbol could be either water retained in the pan below the bottom tub, activating the flood sensor or failure at the main control board. The control board is also referred to as the main filter board and it is essentially the power supply board equipped with a flood sensor. Turn off the dishwasher and look for the control board which is usually located at the back, left corner in the pan below the bottom drawer. You will need to remove the bottom drawer and place it to the side to view and access a small plastic shield covering the control board. If you find no water in the pan, the control board will need to be replaced.

A Fisher Paykel double drawer dishwasher displayed error code F1 and water is located in the base pan, what caused this problem and how can an individual repair this?

Sometimes, if the dishes are stacked too high in the drawers while it is operating, the lid may not seal completely when the drawer shuts. This causes the water to overflow from the drawer. To address this issue, first unplug the dishwasher and pull out the bottom drawer. You should see two plastic push tabs on either sides of the drawer right behind the front panel. Pull the drawer forward while pushing the tabs inwards. This action allows the drawer to open up more exposing the base pan behind it. Use a towel to soak up the water and allow the unit to dry out unplugged for at least 24 hours.

What is the cause of a Fisher Paykel dual door drawer dishwasher to not drain completely and a new load starts with dirty water?

It is not an abnormal feature for water to remain in the drawer. Only if the water level is above the filter and metal disk at the bottom, it could be an issue. Check the drain lines to ensure they have a high loop in the line to drain into the disposal. In case the drain line is not in a high loop, it will allow the dirty water from the sink to recede into the dishwasher. Another component to check is the rotor at the bottom of the drawer which drains the water. Remove the rack and lift off the spray arm. Unscrew the central ring around the impeller allowing the metal disk to lift out. Once all are removed, unscrew the rotor and inspect the bottom impeller to ensure it is not mangled. If it is you need to replace the rotor.

Though drawer dishwashers are a handy appliance issues with them can curtail the use of both drawers or one problem can influence the other. There could be other issues of different error codes or inefficient cleaning. Sometimes you can manage without this appliance by washing manually but it can be very inconvenient and time consuming. However, to address your problem and resolve the issue with minimum time, effort and resources, the help and guidance from Experts can be wise.
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