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Doxazosin Medication Questions

What is Doxazosin?

Doxazosin is an alpha blocker that is commonly used to treat hypertension or high blood pressure. In some cases, it's used to treat benign hyperplasia of the prostate with urine hesitance or urgency. Individuals taking Doxazosin can have questions about its side effects, dosage and possible complications. Read below where many commonly asked questions regarding Doxazosin have been answered by Experts.

Does Doxazosin cause erectile dysfunction?

Doxazosin is known to cause erectile dysfunction in some patients. One of the studies showed that 1.1% of the individual who take this medication developed impotence.

Would Doxazosin cause pain and weakness in a person’s legs and thighs?

Doxazosin can cause weakness and pain in the legs and thighs for some individuals. However, the individual’s pain may also be due to other reasons such as stroke, neuropathies or myopathies. In some cases, it may be due to the lower spine degenerative disc disease. The individual should speak to their doctor in order to rule out all of the conditions.

How can one control the side effects of Doxazosin?

Doxazosin often has side effects like many other medications. However, these side effects usually reduce over a period of time. Individuals in the early phase of the treatment may have side effects like tiredness and weakness. However, if the tiredness and weakness is severe, the individual should be seen by a doctor to have a blood test done in order to determine the exact cause of the symptoms. In case of severe side effects, the doctor may change the medication or adjust the prescribed dose.

An individual has been taking Doxazosin, Diovan and Oxydutynin. What could cause his/her blood pressure to suddenly drop and then come back up?

Diovan and Doxazosin are anti-hypertensive and taking combinations of anti-hypertensive like the two medications mentioned above may cause the blood pressure to fluctuate. This may be caused due to the different factors in the way these medications act on an individual’s system -- like the time taken to absorb them in to the body and the time taken for the maximum effect. All these factors may lead to interactions in the drugs that may make an individual’s blood pressure unstable. The individual should speak to a doctor about changing the dosage of the medications in order to prevent such fluctuation.

An individual has been taking Lisinopril 40 milligrams and Verapamil 240 milligrams; would it be safe for him/her to take Doxazosin as well to control blood pressure?

It may be safe for a person to take Doxazosin to control blood pressure if he/she is already taking lisinopril and verapamil. All these medicines have different mechanisms of action and are unlikely to interact with each other.

Does Doxazosin cause vertigo and dizziness in the mornings?

Vertigo, dizziness and nausea in the mornings, especially when a person just gets out of bed, are common side effects of Doxazosin. If a person is experiencing these effects, he/she may speak to his/her doctor about changing the dosage of the medication.

Would an individual suffer from joint pains and swelling in the arms and legs if he/she is taking Doxazosin?

Joint and muscular pain are common side effects of Doxazosin that usually reduce over a period of time. However, swelling in the arms and legs is a more serious side effect which is caused by fluid retention in the body. If an individual sees this side effect, he/she should consult a doctor as soon as possible. The doctor may stop Doxazosin and start a different medication.

Every medicine has a particular way in which it acts on a person’s body. That is why doctors suggest taking the medicine as per instructions. Like all other medicines, Doxazosin also has a particular dosage and its set of expected side effects. When someone is prescribed this medication, the individual may not know much about these side effects and can have many questions about it. Speaking to a doctor as and when the individual get these questions may not always be possible. At such times, individuals may ask an Expert's medical insights to any questions that they may have about Doxazosin and its side effects.
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