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Dowry Law Questions

Dowry is still a prevalent custom in many parts of the world. Yet, certain countries do not recognize dowry and fighting for dowry rights can become a problem in the event of a divorce. If you have questions regarding dowry, ask a Family Lawyer on JustAnswer. You can get legal expertise that gives you tips on dealing with your dowry case. Listed below are a few top questions on dowry answered on JustAnswer.

The dowry of a couple married in Iran was decided by parents, after which the couple signed the Arabic agreement. Can the dowry now be divided in Texas as part of the divorce, even if the promised gifts were never given?

The laws in many states in the US would see this agreement as a prenuptial agreement. It may not be enforceable in a state like Texas which follows different laws with regard to pre-nuptial agreements. If the gifts were never received, it is possible that a court in Texas may not be able to ensure that it is divided between both parties.

After a divorce, can an ex-wife still have dowry rights over her ex-husband’s assets and pension?

Usually, when a couple gets divorced, the court will pass an order regarding the division of property between the couple. In certain cases, if issues like the husband’s pension is claimed to be “hidden” from the ex, the court can re-open the case to settle that issue only. To get a clearer picture of what your legal rights are, write to a Family Lawyer on JustAnswer with the details of your case.

I am an Indian who is also a Canadian Permanent Resident. I got married in New Jersey and am now planning to file for a divorce. My husband doesn’t plan to return the money received as dowry. I am not registered as his wife as yet in India but I do possess a U.S. marriage certificate. What are my rights and how can I file a case against him?

Dowry is not recognized in the U.S. and any money that you might have given him will most probably be considered as marital property, invested by you in the marriage. In this situation, there is a chance that you might be able to only recover half the amount. If you are not satisfied with this and still want to recover all of it, you would have to hire a lawyer in India and fight your case under Indian law which may recognize the dowry.

When my uncle died, he gave everything to the Archdiocese of Michigan but his wife, who is my aunt, is still alive. Under the Michigan state dowry law, will she be allowed to keep everything including the house and property surrounding it?

When a Michigan decedent leaves no will, his real and personal property (apart from insurance and joint property) is given to his spouse, after payment of debts, taxes, family allowance and exempt property. In the event that he does leave a will, even then, it is most likely that a charity cannot take everything while the spouse is still alive.

With dowry still being a common practice in many parts of the world, it is important to know what a couple’s rights over this issue are, should a marriage end. This is where Family Lawyers on JustAnswer can help. Get quick answers to troubling questions on dowry at the most affordable rates by contacting the Experts now.
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