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Downdraft Range Questions

A downward range generally consists of a basic cook top, inbuilt oven and the overhead vent for forced ventilation or extraction of smoke and odors. These appliances are one unit comprising of several components. At times one may function perfectly well whereas another can be inoperative. The control board plays a major role for most functions as the complete set of commands of the unit could be programmed into it. Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on downdraft range.

A significantly large amount of cold air is entering from the range top and around its front base. Can the vent be blocked when cold outside?

Usually the range expels into the existing vent. On being hooked to the venting, a simple screen may be put up. Such a screen will allow free flow of wind and air through the range. A flap would be more efficient though it may not be ideal to block the cold air. You can block the vent when not in use, with the help of some insulation and remove it when you need to use the range hood. You can put the insulation either at the bottom or where it opens up outside your house.

How would an individual clean a downdraft range hood which is due for cleaning? Does the fan and shaft need to be degreased as well?

This depends if you have maintained the screens and kept it clean. Then there would be no requirement to clean the interior of the unit. If you notice dirt build up within the unit, it can be washed using a wash rag and hot soapy water. You could also dismantle the vent tubes and clean them as well. It is generally not recommended to completely disassemble the unit.

What does the error message F1 on a Jenn Air Dual Fuel downdraft range mean?

F1 signifies there is a short circuit in your low voltage heating circuitry. The cause for this is either a faulty oven sensor or display relay control board. The control board cannot be tested but the sensor can hence open the oven door and remove the three to four inch long, thin metal rod attached to the back wall. You will find two screws holding it in place. Remove the screws and pull it forward to disconnect it. Use a multimeter to check the resistance of the sensor at room temperature. The reading should be 1080 OHMS. If it is not replace the sensor else, the control relay board needs replacing.

What could be the problem with a Jenn Air Dual Fuel downdraft range that had made a loud noise similar to a fan but the vent fan was off?

Some models from this brand have a cooling fan located at the rear of the unit behind the oven inside the back panel. The sound you hear could be originating from here. If you feel it sounds louder than normal, the bearings inside could have become defective. You cannot replace the bearing but the fan can be replaced by removing the two wires and two screws attached to it. It costs approximately $35 based on the model. The model number for this can be found on removing the lower panel.

What does the error message F7 along with a beep signify on an electric downdraft range?

The basic meaning of an F7 error is that a function key could have short circuited or jammed. Some models combine the touchpad and clock control; however an F7 error could mean bad clock control. To determine whether the clock or touchpad has become defective you can follow the below mentioned simple test:

  • First disconnect the power to the range
  • Access the electric range control (ERC) or the clock
  • Unplug the flat ribbon connector wire about two inches wide connecting the touchpad and ERC
  • Ensure everything is clear to prevent any short circuiting then turn on the power
  • Wait to see if the F7 error and beep is heard
  • If it does occur, you need to replace the ERC
  • After an hour, if there is no error message, you need to replace the touch pad.

A qualified appliance repair technician can be called in case you are not too comfortable to do so.

As seen above, downdraft range issues mainly concerns control panels, sensors and vents. Proper usage, cleaning and power supply also play an important role. Majority of instances the errors can be handled by you if you have someone to guide you through the process. An Expert provides solutions, and walk individuals through the process of diagnosing a problem relating to their downdraft range. For more information contact the thousands of available Experts.

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