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Double Oven Questions

Double ovens as the name suggests are two ovens as part of one unit. Usually they are placed one over the other. These ovens are very useful to cook large amount of food or to use in large households. The working or functioning of these units is similar to regular ovens and they would have most of the cooking / baking options too. Common issues could be short circuits, display control board problems and many more. Read below where thousands of available Experts have answered questions pertaining to double ovens.

What could be the problem on a double oven when put into self clean mode both upper and lower doors lock and unlock?

When both the doors of the upper and lower oven, lock and unlock, it is not a problem with the door mechanism but it is a faulty display relay control board. This board also controls the latch assembly. You can try turning the system off which turns the circuit breaker to the oven, off. If this action does not reset the system, the display board over the top oven would need to be replaced which could cost around $300 depending on the model. The model number will be available on a sticker behind the vent below the control panel. Open the door and use a flashlight to look through the vent or remove the vent to locate the model number.

After I cleaned my oven why are none of the buttons on the ovens front touch panel working?

Due to the cleaning, there could have been moisture retention behind the panel leading to a failure of the touch panel. It would most likely need to be replaced, however you can try one option which could help. Take a hair dryer and turn it on directing the heat at the front panel. Hold it there until the panel is very warm, while simultaneously massaging the buttons. The panel should only get very warm and not too hot that it would damage the plastic. This should re-establish the operation of the panel. If this option does not work, you would need to go ahead with replacing the panel.

What could be the cause of a Whirlpool double ovens other functions to not work however the clock is working?

The display control board could have short circuited or the power supply to the double oven is 110 volts instead of 220 volts. Either of these two reasons could be causing the issue with your double oven. You can try to flip the circuit breaker of the oven off and try turning it on again to see if the power is restored. If it does not, open the top panel above the oven to check if 220 volts is passing through the power chord which connects above the oven. If the power supply is fine, the display control board has shorted and will need to be replaced.

The lower door of a Maytag Gemini double oven has locked without anyone pressing the lock button how would an individual release the door?

Latch assemblies can fail from time to time. Try to unplug the unit for 60 seconds to try and reset the latch. If the reset does not work, set the unit to self clean and let the oven run through the process. After this, check if the latch unlocks on completion. If both options don’t work, the lock assembly will need to be replaced to rectify the problem. Since the door is locked and if you need to remove the assembly, you will need to check behind the range by pulling it forward and removing the back panel.

Part of the bottom coating on the bottom oven has come off. Can this be replaced or fixed?

If tin foil was used or left in the oven, it could have melted onto the oven floor. However melting of the tin foil will not cause the coating to come off. Probably there could have been an attempt to scrape the melted tin off leading to the coating coming off. Only a few manufacturers offer the option to replace just the oven cavity. If your manufacturer does not have this option, you could use a silicone mat and place it on the floor of the oven. Apart from this the options are limited if the cavity cannot be replaced when the coating is damaged. Please note that the mat should be removed when you use the self clean option. Using the self clean option is also safe with a corroded oven surface. These ovens also have a safety thermostat which cut off the heat or shut down the oven if too much heat has been transferred to the oven liner.

Double ovens serve a useful purpose by providing you the option to cook and use it to prepare many items simultaneously. But when you face problems with them, at times it could mean double the hassle. While one may work fine, the other’s malfunction could affect the one in good working condition. To know more about problems specifically related to double ovens, the help of Experts will be useful and necessary.
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