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Double Door Fridge Questions

A double door refrigerator is an attractive and convenient option generally with a freezer on top of the refrigerator. Usually double door refrigerators have a larger refrigerator section compared to a freezer. Sometimes, double door designs could have doors within the doors, allowing more space and storage options. Double door refrigerators could also offer removable shelves and water and ice dispensers. Read below where individuals have contacted Experts regarding their double door fridge problems.

What could be the problem on a new Samsung double door fridge that is not dispensing ice after the ice maker and PC board has been replaced?

Usually there is a little black button on the bottom of the ice maker. The individual can press and hold this button for a few seconds. If the button starts to move let go of the button. Wait for a couple of minutes to check if there is water in the ice tray. In some cases the ice maker may not make ice especially if a new ice maker was installed without being primed. If this does not help, cross check the power supply to the ice maker. If the power checks out fine, it is a defective ice maker. Since this unit is relatively new you can check for warranty and have it repaired by the company.

What could be the problem for a Fisher and Paykel double door fridge becoming warm and the compressor has stopped working?

It seems there are multiple problems that could have occurred with the double door fridge. The amount of water or condensate in the tray or catch pan indicates the evaporator coil could have frozen solid. This is a fault with the defrost system. When the heater element does not function properly either due to the element burning out or the defrost timer failing, it can lead to this problem. To ascertain which component is faulty the individual will need to remove the element and test it. If it tests fine the defrost timer or thermistor is the problem. Another possibility in this case could be a defective thermostat causing the premature shutdown of the compressor. The individual will need to test this as well to confirm and replace if necessary.

Why is there water leakage at the bottom of a freezer on a double door fridge?

This problem seems to be arising due to a blocked defrost drain. Remove the contents of the freezer and open the panel at the back or bottom of the freezer. There could be ice collected in the drain pan below the evaporator. Melt the ice using a hair dryer and the individual will see a hole in the pan which leads to the drain tube. Pour warm water into this and wait for some time. Clean out any excess water and repeat this process several times. Once this is done, find a flexible curtain or electrical wire and insert it into the hole until it reaches the water drain to clear out any water or obstruction trapped here.

What could be the problem on a Amana double door fridge that freezes all the contents and the individual has tried reducing the temperature and turning the fridge off overnight?

Since your fridge is becoming very cold, the problem could lie either with the thermostat or the damper flap is probably not shutting properly. It is located behind the vent at the back of the refrigerator. The damper assembly may be staying open for a prolonged period of time, allowing cold air straight from the freezer into the refrigerator causing the contents to freeze. You may need to replace the damper assembly to resolve this issue.

What could cause a Kenmore double door fridge and freezer to stop cooling sufficiently?

This could be a case where the air circulation is irregular. This is either a defrost issue or the evaporator fan motor above the evaporator coils is not working. Empty the freezer and remove the lower back panel inside the freezer by removing the screws. If the fan is not running, you will need to replace it. If the fan is fine but the coils are completely frosted, first thaw the frost using a hair dryer to allow air circulation again. You will probably need to replace the defrost thermostat which is the part which typically becomes faulty. It is a one inch round device with two wires in it clipped to the top of silver coils. In case you have a multimeter you can test for continuity, if the switch is open you need to replace it. If the frost recurs, replace the thermostat.

Double door fridges provide double the space and convenience. Problems faced by these models may be quite similar to the regular refrigerators and freezers. Sometimes, a problem with the freezer can affect the refrigerator quite easily leading to multiple issues. In order to deal with the double door refrigerator troubleshooting when needed, insights and information from Experts can make the situation more practical and reasonable for you.
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