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Mercedes Door Handle Questions

The Mercedes door handle is a simple, internal and external component of the Mercedes and is used to manually open the door to enter or exit it. Though the Mercedes door handle may seem to be a small component, troubleshooting and repairing any issues with them can involve a fair amount of dismantling of components such as door panels and window frames. Since the entire assembly of the Mercedes door handle is delicate because of clips and nipples, care should be taken while handling them.

To get more information on Mercedes door handle issues, listed below are a few common questions answered by Experts.

How does one remove the right side, front Mercedes door handle on an E320 four wheel drive 2002 model?

Usually the Mercedes door handle has a small Allen screw present at the edge of the door seal. This needs to be loosened which facilitates removal of the lock cylinder. Once the cylinder is off, the grad handle unhooks easily from the frame. Click here for pictorial instructions regarding this Mercedes door handle removal.

The cables at the driver’s side Mercedes door handle has either snapped or unhooked. How can it be fixed?

Apart from the problem here being related to the cable, it is also possible that the inner Mercedes door handle has broken inside or within the panel. In either situation, the door trim panel needs to be removed, to enable inspection and to carry out Mercedes door handle repair. The steps for the trim removal and subsequent Mercedes door handle replacement are as follows:

1. The screws at the metal trim panel need to be removed from the edge of the door and this panel should be taken off. Since this component is easily scratched it should be handled carefully
2. The screw from the plastic trim around the door lock should be removed
3. The small corner plastic trim from within the door mirror should be pried off
4. Next the plastic SRS badge and the screw behind it need to be removed
5. The screw from the vent on the door should be loosened and removed to take off the vent
6. Below this, a release slide is present which allows the removal of the wood trim along with the seat adjuster. Once done, the wiring can be disconnected
7. To prevent damage a plastic trim tool can be used to pry the door panel. This action should begin at the bottom, slowly releasing the panel from the door and working up along the side.
8. Once free, the door panel can be lifted upward and out of the top door trim
9. Once the cable is unhooked from the Mercedes door handle, removal of the door panel is possible

This job can be carried out by the user if they take their time and follow the steps accurately. None of the parts apart from prying the door panel off should be forced or one should refrain from using excessive pressure.

Why doesn’t the interior Mercedes door handle open the Vito 2002’s door? The exterior Mercedes door handle does not work either leaving no choice but to enter the car from the passenger door. How can it be fixed?

To begin with you need to check if it is possible to open the door from the inside the car using the cable for the interior Mercedes door handle. If it is possible, it indicates the door lock is fine. In order to check if the cable is fine, the complete door liner would need to be removed and the door cable fixture can be inspected. Once the door is opened, the exterior Mercedes door handle should be removed and inspected to check if the opening tongue of the door lock operates properly or not. Usually over a period of time, there is a tendency that the lock has developed play within it and Mercedes door handle has slipped off the opening tongue. The instructions to remove the exterior Mercedes door handle are present in this link.

On a 2007 SL550 what is the approximate cost to replace an interior driver’s side Mercedes door handle which is broken?

If the Mercedes door handle is broken or the door cannot be opened, it is most likely a case of a failing spindle which attaches to the inner handle, inside the door. The labor time required for this is generally around 1.5 hours and the cost of the component from a Mercedes dealer is around $20. The overall cost is dependent on the prevalent labor rates.

Door handles are one of the most frequently used components while using cars and it’s functioning and usage is not given much importance unless something goes wrong. When problems do occur, it can be surprising how inconvenient it is since the car is not safe and it can be plain troublesome for the car owner. Hence to get more information and opinions on Mercedes door handle repair and Mercedes Benz door handle replacement, asking Experts can help answer questions and doubts in a quick and affordable manner.
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