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Dominant Dog Behavior

What is dominant dog behavior?

Dominant dog behavior comes from the way a dog was raised, it’s normally starts when the dog is only a few weeks old, when the dominant characteristics start showing. For a dog to be dominant is not always a awful thing, however it is an issue that may need to be dealt with before it gets out of hand. Dog owners need to recognize the difference from a dominant dog and an aggressive dog. The major difference between the two is that a dominant dog wants the be the top dog like a leader verses the aggressive dog wants to hurt people or dogs. An owner of a dominant dog may need to show or train their dog that they are the dominant one in the family not the dog. If you are not sure whether or not your dog is dominant or just aggressive you can read below where the Experts have answered questions regarding dominant dog behaviors.

When my dog growls and shows teeth is that being dominant?

When it comes to a dog being dominant it usually is because of food or mating the only dog that will get the food or female is the most forceful dog. The dog that is the most powerful will be sought as the dominant dog over the rest of the pack. With that being said it is most likely that your dog is not trying to be dominant or having dominant behaviors but more so the dog may be territorial, this is common if development. This could call for a behavioral trainer or specialist.

Why would my dog bite me when I was trying to take something away from the dog?

This type of behavior is normally known as dominance aggression. When you were bitten while you were trying to take something away from your dog, the dog was showing a certain type of dominance aggression known as resource guarding. The item you were trying to take from the dog must be very significant to the dog so the dog thought that you should be punished for trying to take it. If you have let the dog keep the item that the dog was fighting you for this may have shown the dog that it deserved the item, and that dominant behavior is how the dog can get what it wants.

What could cause a dog to jump up and lick an individual’s face constantly also showing signs of being aggressive?

This may be a dominance problem that you are experiencing with your dog; another possibility is the dog is simply seeking for your attention. Now for the aggression behavior, this type of behavior can be dangerous and needs corrected right away. To achieve this you can put the dog on its back and when the dog stops struggling is when the dog can be allowed up. This can help with the dog seeing you as the leader in the house. You can also try making the dog do commands such as sit or lay for the dog to start showing respect for you.

What could be the cause of a smaller dog mounting a larger dog?

In most cases where the dog is not neutered the dog is trying to show dominance. When it comes to a dog showing dominance the size of the dog does not matter. If the dog feels as it is more dominant than the other dogs then the dog will do whatever it takes to make sure the other dogs know that it is superior. This can be very normal behavior.

Many people do not know the difference between dominance dog behavior and an aggressive dog. If the dog is barking at another dog this does not always mean the dog is being dominant. This can be a hard situation to handle. If you need more information regarding dominant dog behavior you can ask the thousands of Experts.
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