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Domestic Harassment Questions

Domestic harassment often goes unreported either because the victims are ignorant of their legal rights, or because of the difficulty of proving a domestic harassment case. Tolerance and the intent to make a relationship work also result in many perpetrators of domestic harassment going unpunished. Lawyers on JustAnswer answer are often asked questions related to domestic harassment. Below are five of the top of domestic harassment related questions on JustAnswer.

When and how can I obtain a restraining order?

When faced with domestic harassment, domestic violence, or any type of harassment, one of the first things you should consider is filing a restraining order. State law differs on what is considered harassment, but basically any type of threatening that could cause bodily harm, or unwanted repeated acts that are intrusive or fear inducing are can be considered as harassment. Stalking is also considered as harassment in many cases. If you are not sure what type of evidence you need to file for a restraining order, or whether you need a lawyer for obtaining a restraining order, the Experts on JustAnswer can help answer your questions.

Is it possible to get a restraining order against a 15 year old that is harassing a child?

A parent is morally obligated to try and protect their children from harassment, regardless of who the perpetrator is. In case you are faced with a situation where someone is harassing your child, the specifics of your situation will determine if you should seek help from a lawyer or whether you should obtain the restraining order through a court yourself. Kids bicker at times and can be cruel—even when they do not intend any cruelty or harassment. If the situation gets out of control, the best thing would be to put your child’s safety first. If you would like to get legal insights on your specific situation, the Experts on JustAnswer can answer your questions.

Is slander by an ex-spouse’s relative a form of harassment?

Slander is very hard to prove because it is usually verbal. However, depending on what the slander is and its severity, it could be considered a form of harassment. Depending on your specific situation, if you can prove the slander and harassment, you might have a law suit and be able to sue for injunction and damages. If you feel you are being slandered or harassed and are unsure of your legal standing, the Experts on JustAnswer can answer your tough legal questions.

Is stalking considered a form of domestic harassment?

Domestic violence often starts with harassment at home and escalades into stalking. Stalking is when a pattern of threats or harassment is repeated directly towards a specific individual, resulting in fear or intrusion. Many times, domestic harassment can turn violent. There are laws in place to protect victims of domestic harassment. If you do not know your legal standing and whether you have a domestic harassment case, bring your questions to legal Experts on JustAnswer; and get quick and affordable answer to your domestic harassment questions.

Can a person file a domestic harassment charge on behalf of another person?

Anytime a charge is filed for harassment, the person that is actually on the receiving end of the harassment is the one that has to file unless the situation involves a minor child as the receiver. In the case of minors, the parent or legal guardian can file a case of domestic harassment. Harassment is often hard to prove unless you have witnesses or physical proof. However, legal situations vary from person to person. To know what legal recourse you can take, you can bring your questions to the Experts on JustAnswer.

Harassment at home can manifest itself in many forms with varying degrees of seriousness. Knowing when a situation gets out of hand can often be difficult. Asking a lawyer who has expertise in domestic harassment cases can provide clarity and point you in the right direction. Asking Experts on JustAnswer can get you quick and affordable resolution to tough family law questions.
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