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Dolby Digital Sound Problems

Dolby Digital is an audio compression technology that was first used in cinema theaters. However, it is now used in other applications such as DVD’s, game consoles, HDTV broadcast, Blu-ray discs, home theaters, mobile phones, computers and so on. Below are frequent asked questions on issues relating to Dolby Digital Sound that has been answered by the Experts.

I have a Sony Digital DTS Surround Sound System with a Dolby Digital Pro Logic 11. There is however, no sound to my XM radio and television. My TV screen keeps flashing the message ‘PROTECT’. How can I repair this problem?

To begin with, such issues seem to be very common with these systems. The flashing of the message ‘Protect’ indicates that there could be either a blown speaker connected to the unit, a shorted speaker output inside the unit or a shorted speaker wire. You should therefore unplug all the speakers including every other associated equipment and disconnect the unit from AC power for thirty minutes. After connecting the unit back in, you would need to press and hold the power button simultaneously for five to ten seconds to force a restore. Once the unit is restored properly, you can start plugging in the speakers one by one. You should certainly shut down the power before you connect the speakers. Of all these speakers, the one that would flash the ‘Protect’ indicator on the screen would be the defective one. You would, therefore, have to replace it. However, you would need to replace the output transistors if the unit flashes ‘Protect’ without having any speaker plugged into it. These transistors would directly drive the loudspeaker outputs on the receiver and trigger an error message on the display of the receiver if one or more of them get shorted. The display, however, would continue to flash till the problem gets fixed. The output transistors are PCB mounted and cannot be replaced by a user. They are also thermally connected to a heat sink box. The TV unit would, thus, need a repair in this case. You may visit to find a service center in your locality.

My Toshiba thirty two inch Dolby Digital EnergyStar (Model 32AV502R), has no sound or picture.. The green power light continues to blink on and off rapidly, when I press the power button. It blinks three times, then pauses and again blinks three times. However, there is no problem in the cable box reception. What is the issue here?

It is likely your TV would have an internal failure for which there would be no reset apart from disconnecting your television from the outlet. In this case, there could be few possible reasons that may have caused this problem. It could be a power supply failure or the capacitors of this model may have failed. In that case, you could expect a repair cost around one seventy five to two hundred dollars to fix this set. However, you would have to pay between two fifty to three hundred dollars in case the power supply needs to be replaced. Moreover, if the problem is with the main board, you can expect to pay an amount around three to four hundred dollars. Thus, to get an exact diagnosis of the issue, the best thing would be to troubleshoot the problem. In case you do not have an experience or correct equipment to deal with this issue, it is always better to get it fixed by a repairman. He would be able to determine the exact cause of the problem.

How do I get Dolby Digital as an audio option rather than PCM on my Samsung DLP (Model # HL-R5678W) fifty six inch TV? Pulse code modulation is the default option and I want to change it.

In a case like this, you would be able to get the Dolby Digital as an audio option on your TV by sending the audio directly to your surround sound processor. This is because Samsung cannot accept anything over HDMI other than a two channel stereo receiver. You may always want to remember that Samsung would accept the cable card input and a 5.1 multi-channel over Antenna 1 and 2.

Dolby digital technology allows its consumers to enjoy the most entertaining experience in a digitally sound world both in the cinema theaters and at homes. To increase the efficiency and scalability of Dolby Digital Technology, entertainment mediums of the next generation have resulted in its evolution. If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to Dolby Digital Sound, you may ask a TV technician Expert to evaluate your case details and provide a technical insight.
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