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Dog Command Questions

What is a Dog Command?

A dog that is in training may learn all types of commands some are to do a particular task that is being asked from the owner, others are just so the dog acts appropriate in public. A dog can learn from repetition with the same command, or from just the interaction in the dog’s environment. There are different types of commands such as clicker commands, the Koehler method, or just simple hand commands. For more information on dog commands you can read below where Experts have answered many asked questions.

What can you do to settle down a very overactive dog?

There are dog commands sessions that can help your dog learn to be less rambunctious, and help you to have more control of your dog. You may want to make sure that there is a lot of positive reinforcement when your dog does the command that you are asking from the dog. Something else that you may want to try is exercise for the dog; if the dog is not getting enough exercise this may cause the dog to be hyper. If you still need help with the issue you may try a Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP) collar. These collars send out pheromones to the dog which calm them down just like the mother dog did when nursing the dog as a puppy.

How can I get my dog to stop chasing the cat?

There are several things that you can try, one being dog command classes. These classes teach the do to listen to the owner and help with nerves. They are great because they use positive rewards to the dog when the dog does the command; the rewards are praise and sometimes include treats. There is another way that might keep the dog from chasing the cat, uses a harness on the dog and lead, hook the lead to a sturdy table leg. This will give the cat some room to move around and will also not allow the dog to chase the cat.

My dog lost his hearing ability how can I get him to respond to me?

Loosing hearing is very common in dogs as they get older. Many owners think that the hearing loss just came out of nowhere, when really hearing loss is a slow process. There are a few things that you can do to help your dog understand what you want the dog to do. One thing that you may try is teaching your dog hand commands, for sit, stay, lie down. To get your dogs attention from now on you may have to use loud noises such as stomping your feet or clapping your hand.

How can you get a dog to stop jumping on people?

There are a couple of different things that you may want to try, to get your dog to stop jumping on people. One way is to ask the veterinarian that specializes in dog behavior. They may be able to help you in teaching your dog commands so that the dog listens to you when you have guests over. Another option is to use clicker training it can be very helpful while teaching the dog the right time to play and when not to play or jump on people.

Getting your dog to do as you wish sometimes can be very difficult; many people tend to spend a lot of money on their animals, but not on training. This may be why their dog acts out because the dog thinks that they are in control. Teaching your dog simple commands can give your control back over your dog, contact a dog veterinarian for fast and reliable answers.
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