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The way you attend to the needs of a dog is generally referred to as dog care. The type of care your dog needs can depend on the situation, the type or breed of the dog, and the owner’s willingness to follow through with a proper dog care procedure. Dog care can range from the basic to the specialized, such as the care of a dog that is having puppies, or the care of a puppy that has been orphaned. Below are commonly asked questions about dog care that have been answered by Experts.

What information do you need to take care of an orphaned new born puppy?

If a pup has been orphaned, rejected by its mother, or is unsafe with its mother, you can take good care of the puppy if these basic directions are followed: The puppy will need to be bottle fed formula at least every 2 hours. This will continue until the puppy reaches six weeks of age. Just as important as feeding the puppy is helping it to go to the bathroom. Mother dogs get their puppies to go the bathroom by licking the puppies’ genital area, which stimulates the puppies. To assist a puppy you can use a wash cloth moistened with warm water and use it to massage the genital area of the puppy. On top of feeding and toileting, the puppy will need to be started on worming medication every two weeks from the age of two weeks to ten weeks. When the puppy reaches the age of six weeks, it may begin to eat hard puppy food that has been soaked in formula to make it softer and more appealing.

What should be done if a small part of a starter log has been ingested by a dog?

If a small part of a starter is ingested by a dog, the use of the antacid Pepcid is recommended. This can be bought over the counter. The dosage will dependent upon the animal’s weight, the milligram of medication per pound of weight is 0.25. This can be given to the dog every twelve hours. It is recommended that this be done for three days, as a preventative measure against ulcers or upper gastrointestential problems. If the dog exhibits any signs of abdominal pain, loss of appetite, or vomiting, the dog will need to have x-rays done at the veterinarian to rule out the possibility of a bowel obstruction.

What should be done when an animal refuses to eat dog food, but will eat table food?

This often happens when a dog has been fed table food regularly. To correct this, an individual may have to re-teach correct behavior. This can be accomplished by putting the dog’s food out and if the dog does not eat put it back out. When the owner goes to eat they will need to put the dog’s food back out, continuing to do this until the dog understands what food is theirs. If the dog does not eat it in the first few instances, the owner need not worry. The dog will eventually eat the dog food and will not starve. Since table food is not healthy for dogs to live on, this will teach the dog better nutrition.

What should be done when a new animal is recovering from parvo and the other animals have had the vaccination?

The main effort needs to be focused on keeping the other dogs from being within contact of the dog that is recovering from parvo. The dog care would consist of lowering the potential of infection of those dogs that are not in recovery. The dogs will need to be separated for several weeks, while the dog recuperating sheds some virus. Care should be taken that the dogs that did not have parvo does not come in contact with the feces of the dog that had parvo. If toileting occurs in the home, cleaning with diluted bleach is recommended.

Which is better for a longer than a few days boarding, a vet or a dog kennel?

When it comes to boarding a veterinarian’s office will usually be thorough in dog care needs such as eating and medication if needed, but the play time will not be much. A kennel will allow the dogs more play time, and good kennels are very thorough with dog care.

Dog care comes in many forms, and many different ways. If a puppy is orphaned or rejected by the mother, the individual will have to take the place of the mother, feeding the puppy every two hours up until at least the age of six weeks, while also helping the puppy go to the bathroom by massaging its genitals with a warm wet washcloth. Poor dog care can come in the form of spoiling a dog until it refuses to eat anything but table food. The dog will have to go through re-teaching, so that it can fulfill its nutritional requirements. To find answers to questions about caring for your own dog, it is always best to ask an Expert.
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