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Questions on DMV Suspended Licenses

The DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) may have the authority to suspend an individual’s driver’s license for various reasons and for different periods of time depending on the offense committed by the individual. That is why it is important for people to know about their duties and rights in case their license is suspended by the DMV. Given below are important questions about license suspension answered by the Experts.

Can the DMV suspend an individual’s license before convicting him/her of speeding?

An individual’s driving license, in some cases, may not be suspended immediately after the individual is caught for speeding even if he/she pleads guilty with an explanation. There should be a hearing and the individual will have to be convicted before he/she can lose his/her license.

For how long can an individual’s license be suspended in a reckless driving case?

An individual’s license may get suspended for a period of at least one year if he/she is convicted of a reckless driving charge causing injury to someone. If his/her driving leads to somebody’s death, then the individual’s license may be suspended for a period of 3 years.

Can the DMV suspend an individual’s license in an open container case?

If an individual is found guilty in an open container case, he/she may be charged with a misdemeanor with a fine of up to $100 and 30 days of imprisonment. The individual’s license may also be suspended automatically for a period of 6 months. However, if the open container contained beer or wine, the individual’s license may not be automatically suspended.

What can an individual do if he/she receives an order of suspension from the DMV for a red light ticket?

If an individual receives an order of suspension for a red light ticket, he/she will have the option to either pay the ticket or fight it. If the individual does not pay or fight the ticket and ignores the ticket instead, this can result in the individual getting his/her license suspended. The court may only have to prove that it had sent the individual the order of suspension. It may not have to prove that the individual received the order. If the individual was not driving the vehicle at the time of the offense and can prove it in court, he/she may contest the ticket.

Would an individual get a license in Texas if his/her license has been suspended in the State of California?

In most situations, it may not be possible for an individual to get a license in the State of Texas if his/her license has been suspended in the State of California. This is because both Texas and California are members of the Interstate Driver’s License Compact and may get information about traffic violations and license suspensions from each other. As a result, Texas may honor the California license suspension and may not issue a driver’s license to the individual until the suspension is revoked in California.

Can an individual get his/her license back if it was suspended for not paying a fine?

An individual may be able to get back his/her license if it was suspended for not paying a fine if he/she goes to court and pays all the outstanding fines and tickets. Once the individual pays the fine, the court may give him/her a failure to pay or a failure to appear abstract stating that he/she has fulfilled all the requirements of the ticket.

Can an individual apply for a provisional driver’s license if he/she has a prior “driving under the influence” (DUI) conviction?

In most situations, it may not be possible for an individual to apply for a provisional driver’s license if he/she already has a prior DUI conviction and license suspension.

Many traffic violations may lead to the suspension of an individual’s driving license. Moreover, driving on a suspended license may be considered to be a serious traffic violation and can lead to dire consequences. If your license has been suspended, depending on your offense and the state you are in, it is important for you to know what steps you may take in order to restore your license. In such situations, it is better to consult with an Expert who can offer you insightful information both quickly and at a reasonable cost.
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