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Are you having issues with the DMV and need help sorting things out? The DMV is responsible for driver's license, vehicle registrations, license plates, and state issued photo IDs. There is nothing worse than standing in line for an hour only to find out you have the wrong information or forms. When you are getting prepared for the DMV, you want professional answers that are best given by an Expert to avoid unnecessary delays. Read below where Experts have answered questions regarding the DMV.

Can someone get arrested at the DMV if they have outstanding fines and want to pay them?

Typically if the person is just applying for an ID card, it is unlikely that they will be watching for warrants. If a person is worried about getting arrested at the DMV, the person can call the clerk of courts in the city the fines were issued. The clerk can give the amount of the fines, what is owed, and if the person has a warrant for his/her arrest.

This is where the person can file a motion to dismiss the warrant and ask for a new court date. If that isn't an option, the person can go to the police station and turn him/herself in and bond out after being served.

Can the DMV assist in fixing one’s DOB on their license that does not match the birth certificate?

The DMV should be able to correct any mistakes by looking at the person's original birth certificate. If the mistakes have been made on the birth certificate or the person's social security number, the person will have to file a petition to make changes to official documents.  

Can the South Carolina DMV have a warrant issued if one does not turn in the tag of a vehicle that is no longer driven?

Once the SCDMV has been notified of a canceled insurance policy, a letter is sent to the owner of the vehicle requesting proof of insurance within 20 business days. If proof of insurance isn't received, the driver's license, vehicle registration and license plate for the cancelled vehicle will be suspended. It is important to turn the license tag into the DMV before the driver's license is affected. If left unattended to, the driver could be arrested for driving on a suspended license.

Can the Virginia DMV give out the owner’s name of a license plate?

There is no public access to Virginia DMV records. There are specific reasons for releasing the records which is listed in the Code of Virginia, Section 46.2-208. This is an extensive read but explains how a civilian can access the records. The most common reason involves a car accident and the request must be made by the police or an attorney. If the driver of the car is harassing or trespassing, the police can track the license tag down. If a car has been left in an area without permission for at least 48 hours, the car would be considered abandoned and can be removed. The property owner will have to contact the DMV, pay a $25 fee and ask the DMV to find the owner.

The DMV can provide several services from issuing passports to renewing license plates. You may dread going to the DMV but realize it is a necessary evil. At times it can be confusing when going to the DMV for different services. If you have questions and want answers in a timely manner without having to wait in line, it is beneficial to know where to find reliable help. Verified Experts are available at your convenience 24/7 to answer all your questions from the privacy of your home. 

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