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Diversity in the Workplace

What is diversity in the workplace?

Diversity in the workforce means hiring someone without discrimination on the facts of sex, age and cultural or national background. Given that globalization is the present overpowering tendency in corporations, diversity in the workplace is a superior accepted and functional conception now more than ever. If someone has questions like this, they can ask the Experts for insights and information on diversity in the workplace. Read below where Experts have answered questions pertaining to diversity in the workplace.

If an employee overheard a derogatory statement made regarding race, and spoke up to the manager about it, but the employee was terminated the following week for performance reasons, could this be a discrimination suit?

If there is no employment contract, the employee would be considered an “at will” employee, and the employer could terminate the employment at any time. Unless the employee can prove that the performance reasons for termination was due to age/sex/race/disability, then there would be no recourse based on discrimination. However, there is recourse for retaliation for reporting discrimination action if the derogatory statement was indeed reported to management.

If someone is currently living in Jamaica and wants to work in the USA what is the procedure for getting a work permit?

There are five major steps, for a person to get citizenship and work permission in the United States:
1) A U.S. company has agreed to present the individual with work and to support them.
2) Speculation in the U.S.
3) A close relative could support the individual.
4) The diversity Visa lottery course is run by US Department of State. Each year, the Diversity Immigrant Visa course makes 50,000 diversity entry permits accessible yearly, picked from random collection with admission of people that are from countries with small rates of colonization to the United States.
5) If the individual is let in because of their refuge/immigrant status. The immigration laws are very complicated. The individual needs to talk to a qualified immigration lawyer to give the individual a comprehensive details of each the requirements for being approved to a job in the US.

If there was a group of black managers asked to attend retraining sessions in work, but the white managers were excused from the training meetings would this be discrimination?

More than likely, this could be a case of discrimination if the employer’s decision was based on race and that the employer was not under any type of judicial order stating that the group of managers had to attend training.

If someone has Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and is working for the New York State Department Of Correctional Services (NYSDOCS), and also has a doctor who has harassed them over their time there. The party has put a complaint in with diversity management in NYS. Where the doctor has locked the individual out without pay, and now has no income. What can be done?

United States Department of Labor, salary and Hour union is the organization accused of enforcement of FMLA. If the individual is being hassled and retaliated towards for acquiring the FMLA, which has been provided to the individual by a federal act, then the individual should file a grievance and inform the departments investigate. The individual will need to file for their unemployment benefits given that the individual was locked out of their workplace without payment.

If a plaintiff asked for $70,000 only or a total to be determined by the court or jury. The defendant claims that if the party applied for several positions and was not given employment these would amount to over $75,000. The party wants to request a remand back to state court, can that be granted?

If the damaged total has not been achieved it ought to be remanded through the court in most situations. This situation will usually be in state court except if there is diversity and larger than $75k in impairment. If the individual wants to pick up a sum of more than 75 and there is diversity, hold it in federal court. Federal courts tend to rationalize and handle cases better as it is.

Diversity in the workplace is very complicated when employees and employers don’t understand what it means. The topic of diversity in the workplace may lead to questions that an employee or employer may need to gain insight on. The Experts are reliable and can give answers affordably when dealing with diversity in the workplace.
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