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Questions about Distichia in Dogs

What is distichia in dogs?

Distichia may be better described as an eyelash that occurs in an unusual area on a dog’s eyelid. In some cases these eyelashes may appear around the duct of the meibomian gland. Some eyelashes may actually grow from the duct; there may be more than one eyelash at time. Distichia could affect either the lower or upper eyelid, typically when one eye is affected the other eye may be affected. Usually dogs may not have eyelashes on the lower eyelid; this may depend on the breed. A dog may have several symptoms of distichia such as, tearing, inflammation, ulcers on the cornea, scarring or squinting.

What are common breeds of dogs that are affected by distichia?

There may be some breeds that are affected more commonly by distichia than others these may include but are not limited to:
Cocker Spaniel
• Miniature long haired Dachshund
Poodles ( miniature or standard size)
Yorkshire Terrier is common and some cases other breeds of terriers
Shetland Sheepdogs
Flat-Coated Retriever
• Elo (dog)

These may be a few different breeds that may be more susceptible to acquiring distichia. For more information regarding distichia in dogs such as, is there a cure for distichia, can distichia be passed from one dog to another or can distichia cause blindness in dogs. Read below where an Expert has answered many frequently asked questions about distichia in dogs.

What could cause a dog to have mucus coming from both eyes?

If a dog is having discharge from both eyes, there could be several different reasons on why this is happening. Typically the first thing that may need to be dismissed as a possibility is corneal ulcers. Some breeds of dogs may have a condition that makes the eyelids fold inwards; this could cause the cornea to become scratched. Another possibility may be that the dog has a condition called distichia; this may be where eyelashes grow on the inside of the lids. This typically causes infections and irritation to a dog’s eye(s). If the infection becomes serious the dog’s eye(s) could generate mucous, and start draining from the eye(s).

What could cause a Westies to itch its eyes constantly to where the eyes become red and raw?

This type of dog may be commonly known for having allergies or even atopy. In some cases when a dog is itching the eyes it may be time for a doctor visit. Most likely when the dog is taken in for an eye exam a vet may look for distichia or trichasis. These conditions typically contain hair issues around or in the eye, which could cause a dog to have irritation. Distichia could cause a dog to rub its eyes in order to try and relive the irritation. The dog may itch so much that the area around the eye becomes red and raw.

What are the chances that a puppy may get distichia from a parent that has this condition?

Typically a vet may explain to an owner of a dog that distichia s an inherited condition. As of right now veterinarians may not know exactly how distichia is passed along. Without knowing the exact components that are passed down to puppies that get distichia, it may be difficult to know if a dog will get this condition.

Distichia is typically a condition that affects a dog’s eyes. In some cases this condition could be serious enough to cause corneal damage, yet other cases may not even affect the dog. Some dog owners may have several questions when finding out their dog has distichia such as, can humans get distichia from dogs, can a dog lose its eye from distichia and is there a certain age that a dog gets distichia. For answers to these questions and many others contact an Expert.
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