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Distemper Vaccine for Dogs

What is distemper for dogs?

When it comes to distemper in dogs this can be very contagious and even can be deadly this is seen in many dogs. Distempers occurrence has greatly reduced from the vaccination, there are still cases of distemper but they are not seen very often. You can read below for more information regarding distemper for dogs by the Experts.

Is it required to give a dog a distemper shot on an annual basis?

It may not be required for a dog to given annually but it is highly recommended to have blood work done to see if your dog has in immune disease. It may not be necessary for a puppy to be checked until the dog turns 2 years old. This is because the dog will have gone through the puppy vaccines that lasts 1 year and then the booster shots a year after which also last 1 year. At this time the dog may need to either be checked or given a distemper and parvo shot.

How is distemper transmitted? Can other dogs catch distemper by sniffing feces?

In most situations distemper is transmitted by aerosol transmission. In this case, this is very similar to humans that have the flu or even a cold. Distemper can be spread into the air by either a cough or sneeze. As for if another animal is catch the distemper disease through smelling feces, even though this virus can be separate from a dog’s urine or feces. In many situations, a dog cannot catch the distemper disease from sniffing urine or feces of an affected animal with distemper.

Is there anything that you can do for a dog that has distemper and is having seizures?

When caring for a dog that has distemper this can be exhausting, especially if the distemper has reached the brain. The neurological symptoms do not have many treatments, probably the best thing you can do for your dog is sympathetic care and giving the dog plenty of fluids and nutrition. This can help the dog’s immune system to deal with the distemper infection. With this infection there are not any antibiotics are not helpful. Some dogs can recover from distemper, but not many dogs can recover when it reaches the neurological stages. Many dogs can live a good life even with the defects of distemper.

If a dog that has been vaccinated for distemper be in danger if the dog came in contact with another dog that has distemper?

In many cases, if a dog has received all of their shots, in most situations there is no way to find out if a certain dog has immunity for different vaccines other than the regular testing. Although, many dogs have an active immunity, but if a dog has had all of their regular shots then to think that a dog will be completely protected may not be true. However, even if the dog does have a little bit of immunity, the dog will more than likely will get rid of the virus on their own with no other harmful risks or signs of the dog becoming infected. In most situations with distemper, a way to be sure your dog is protected from other dogs that has distemper is to keep the dogs isolated.

Distemper is not a very common disease for dogs to catch, when a dog does become infected with distemper this can be very scary. It can be very hard to deal with a dog that is suffering with distemper. There are treatments out there is the disease is caught early, if you still need more information on distemper in dog you can contact the Experts for reliable answers.
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