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Disclosure Statement Questions

What is a disclosure statement?

A disclosure statement is a type of statement that is written so many individual can understand. This type of statement information that is important to the disclosure. A disclosure statement is used to keep information about individuals who are on a financial contract and easy to understand what is stated within their contract. Types of disclosure statements can include what is sent before a loan is settled upon. These statements are also made before any types of arrangements are made final so that the individual have the chance to cancel an agreement if they find something they want changed. Read below where Experts have answered questions about a disclosure statement.

I am changing ownership of an insurance policy to my spouse. The insurer says I need a disclosure statement from my spouse, and they sent me the forms but they do not look like a “disclosure statement form,” to me. Is there a standard form to fill out?

If you have already received forms from the insurance company to fill out, those may be the standard forms that are needed in order to change the ownership. A disclosure statement is normally used in real estate or even divorce cases where the financial disclosure is required.

Are personal trainers required to have a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) disclosure statement?

In most cases personal gyms and their employees are not covered by HIPAA and therefore not required to have a disclosure statement.

I am working on a disclosure statement and it asks for a legal theory which the claim is based. I am suing for the value of a stolen car and money, would this be considered a legal theory?

Your legal theories are first in contract law for the money, second in exchange for the money this person stole, and third intentional tort for unauthorized use of property causing loss of wages. In order to add to your case you should make a statement that “The plaintiff reserves the right to amend the legal claims after all discoveries are completed in this matter.” This is done that way if the individual needs to add anything else to their case, they will be able to do so.

I have signed an unsecured time note, an odometer disclosure statement, and a conditional sales contract. I decided I don’t want the car. I have not signed a title or a long contractual form yet. I haven’t paid anything on this car yet. Can I take the car back?

Since you didn’t sign the full contract and never made an actual payment and the title is still under their name. They did not finalize the sale therefore the contract is not yet fully valid. Simply return the vehicle and tell them that you were test- driving it and you no longer wish to purchase it.

While disclosure statements vary from state to state, and often vary from one transaction to another, it is always important to know your rights and to be well informed on any transaction. A person would be wise to read carefully any disclosure statement before signing it and always know your rights before signing any documents.

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