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Dog Discipline Methods and Tips

Dog discipline is learned many of different ways, one being conditioning; dogs are smart they will duplicate good behaviors and stop doing behaviors that are not good. Another type of discipline for dogs is spanking, striking, smacking a dog is also a method. When the dog carries out a bad behavior the physical discipline method really works well because pain in a dog’s ears and snout are very sensitive. Read below where the many Experts have answered questions pertaining dog discipline.

Why is my dog having a terrible attitude problem?

In many cases where a dog’s attitude has suddenly changes there is a concern of the dog having medical problems that can make the dog less pleasant. It sounds that your dog need some serious discipline and maybe even training in a class. One thing that you may need to keep in mind is you should not physically discipline you dog; the reason for this is that you could become bitten. It also shows your dog that the more acting out that is done that the dog will get what it wants.

Why would a mother dog growl at the puppies?

Some mothers growl their pups as a warning. This normally is the mother dog disciplining the puppies, letting them know that they are doing something wrong; they may even snap at the puppies. Some mothers that have never had puppies before are not as tender or kind. This type of discipline can be over the top and may need to be supervised so that there is no damage done to the puppies. There is another reason that the mother dog may be growling because people may be getting too close to the puppies.

Why would a 5 year old dog stop caring where it leaving feces?

In most cases with a young adult dog they do not lose their housetraining because of the lack of discipline. Most cases a dog that has a loss of housetraining is due to memory loss of injuries. If this is a dog discipline issue then you may want to try some type of dog discipline method or a training class to help with the issue.

Why does my rescue dog take things off the counter?

When a dog goes through a major change in surroundings it can be very traumatic especially on a rescues dog. The dog may need discipline to calm it down. Since this dog is a rescue it most likely did not have very much discipline so you may need to train the dog so it knows what you expect of it. One way in keeping the dog off your counter is to put cayenne pepper on the edge so it will slightly burn the pads of the dog. Another good idea is using mousetraps on the counters to snap at the dog when its paws touch the counter. Last but not least you can try a DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) Collar you can purchase one of these at most pet stores. These collars send out pheromones that help with anxiety.

Why will my dog not eat their favorite food but will eat human food?

In most cases with dogs that stop eating their food, it is because the owner has allowed the dog to eat too much human food. So the dog has it in its mind that it only will eat the food that its owner is eating. You may need to be very hard disciplining your dog so that it will go back to eating dog food. If you need to you can mix some of the dog food with a little bit of human food until the dog gets used to eating dog food again.

When disciplining a dog it can be a very touchy subject, because there are so many different style of discipline. Most dog owners don’t know the proper way to approach a dog when it is doing something they do not like. For more information regarding dog discipline you can contact the thousands of Experts.
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