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Discharge Review Board

What is the Discharge Review Board?

This is a board of officials in the various military branches that review and decide if a former soldier’s discharge could be upgraded or changed. There are times when a former soldier may be confused and not know how to go about changing their discharge status either due to employment purposes or other life issues that this may affect. If these issues arise and the former soldier needs advice, many times he/she doesn’t know where to turn for confidential answers. Read below where Experts answer questions regarding to Discharge Review Board questions.

If a soldier receives a general discharge but would like to re-enlist in another branch of the military, could this be possible?

The soldier would have to talk to a recruiter that works with the branch of military that he/she wanted to go into. The recruiter could make inquiries to find out the actual reason behind the general discharge and then work on getting the soldier into the service or help the soldier gain an upgrade in his/her discharge so that they may be able to reenlist.

If a former soldier is told that his/her application would take eighteen to twenty four months to go through the review process, is this true?

Due to the back logs of the Military Review Board and the cases that they hear, yes it is true that it could take eighteen to twenty four months to reach a decision.

Can a former Air Force soldier submits a form DD293 to get a character upgrade review?

Yes, the soldier would use the DD293 form to submit a character upgrade review to the Air Force Board of Records

How would a soldier go about getting their DD214 and information as to what kind of discharge they received if they never received the original DD214 or discharge rating?

The soldier would need to go to the website located here and obtain a copy of his/her DD214. Once the soldier has the copy he/she can then see what type of discharge he/she was given. If the discharge is Other Than Honorable, then the soldier can apply to the military review board to try and have his/her discharge upgraded. The only problem that has been happening a lot is that some records may not be found at the website and the soldier may need to contact the branch of military to obtain the records.

Can a former soldier receive an upgrade on their DD214 from OTH to Honorable and how can he/she go about doing this?

Any former soldier can apply to the Military Review Board to get his/her discharge changed. The former soldier would have to prove that their discharge was either inequitable or improper. Inequitable would be if a soldier’s actions were not consistent with the policies of the service. If the reason was improper, then this is when there was a legal error. The former soldier would need to fill out a DD293 form to start the review process and that form can be found at the following link:

When a former soldier departs from the military, they receive a discharge notice. Depending on the type of discharge is depending on how this will affect them in their civilian lives. There are times when the former soldier may need to seek a review of their discharge and may need to apply to the Military Review Board to get their discharge upgraded or changed. When this happens the former soldier may need to seek advice prior to filing the review paperwork due to the complex issues and/or the confusing steps he/she may need to take.
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