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Military Discharge Papers

An active service member can receive a copy of their discharge paper if it has been recorded with the Recorders Office. A person can receive this copy by showing a photo I.D. These copies are in a private database and are not available for the public to see. A military discharge is given when a service member has been released from their obligation to serve any longer. Discharge and retirement can often times be confused, those who retire are not discharged, they have entered the retire reserve and can be called back to active duty. Read below where many people have come to ask the Experts their specific questions about military discharge papers. Read below where Experts have answered tough questions regarding discharge papers.

After thirty years, what can happen to someone who has false filed discharge papers?

After so many years have passed, it is very unlikely that the Military will prosecute for this. Although, it is not likely that the Military could prove this if the person has confessed completely. Even if a person confesses to a certain crime, the government would be required to prove some sort of evidence to support this confession. Under the military law this is required and under the Federal law as well. The military does not keep records for that length of time. The statute of limitation is five years, so this has already passed.

On Navy discharge papers what does it mean when it says bumedINST 1910.2G KCF RE -3E 813?

This simply means: that this person has failed to meet education basics. They are fully qualified for enlistment provided and the education standard was met, also erroneous induction. KCF means early release to attend school or KGF which is failure to meet the minimum qualification for retention.

How can someone receive a copy of their United States Coast Guard discharge papers?

In order to receive a copy of their discharge papers they will need to contact the National Archives to request for this military record and this will contact the Discharge Document. For more information on how to obtain a copy of a discharge paper ask an Expert.

How would someone go about receiving a copy of their decease parents discharge papers from the Army in WWII?

The Veteran or the next of kin who can be their child can receive this information by completing a form SF-180, or they can even receive this information online. Many times it can be hard to find a way to receive a decease parents discharge papers that is why you can ask the Military Lawyers can provide many legal answers and information on how to receive this.

If someone has gone absent without leave and has received a DD-214 are they free from service?

In many situations, as long as the service member has received a DD-214 form and a final accounting of pay, then they should be free from service. The only problem now that they can run into is if the military has failed to contact them and tell them that their DD-214 form has been cancelled.

There are many types of discharges, and with each discharge the service member will receive a discharge paper stating why they were discharge and what type of benefits they will be eligible for. These service members can receive a copy of their discharge papers had it become lost or stolen.
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