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Social Security Disability Questions

Are you or have you recently become disabled and want to learn about social security disability? Do you want to know if you are eligible? Social security disability income provides a person with benefits in the event the person is no longer able to work but is not of retirement age. When your future income is in question, you want an Expert to provide you with knowledgeable answers. Read below where qualified Experts have answered social security disability questions.

Can social security garnish money received from an estate to a recipient of social security disability?

As for social security disability benefits, nothing would change as a result of the newly acquired assets.

Can someone get social security regular benefits if already on social security disability?

If a person is on social security disability, that benefit will change to retirement benefits when the individual reaches full retirement age. Both benefits cannot be collected at the same time. It is recommended that the individual wait until retirement age before transferring disability benefits as it may reduce the amount.

Is there any restriction against contributing a child's SSI benefit to a 529 plan with the child as the owner?

This can be done so long as the funds are set aside and used for that child and in the child's name. When the child reaches 18, there will be a review of how much money was saved and how much was spent on the child. Proof that the funds were in the child's account must be presented. Another option would be to return all funds to the social security office and let the office turn the money over to the child.

Are there any social security disability benefits available for someone who is temporarily disabled?

In order to receive social security disability benefits, the person must be disabled permanently or have a condition or ailment that will last over one year or result in death. If the disability is expected to last over one year, a person can apply for disability benefits. However, the person will likely not receive benefits for six months after the onset of the disability.

How can someone check to see if a child's father who owes child support is receiving disability benefits?     

The only way to access sensitive information is to contact the Social Security Administration (SSA). The parent wanting to know can state the intention of filing child dependent benefits based off of information that the father was receiving them. If the father is receiving disability, the office will process the child dependent benefit claim. If the claim cannot be filed, it would mean that the father is not receiving benefits. 

Can someone collect their own social security disability benefit and survivor social security when they turn 60?    

There are certain situations that allow for both benefits to be collected. SSI and social security disability income (SSDI) can be collected if the SSDI payment is low as a result of not working in previous years or making low income wages. In order for the person to acquire both benefits, the person's unearned income can be no more than $710.00 per month. However, this amount can vary from state to state. Many times a person's SSDI payment is so high that he/she will not be eligible for SSI.

Social security disability is provided for those who have previously worked and paid social security but can no longer work due to an illness or injury. No one anticipates becoming disabled and being dependent upon monthly checks. You probably have many questions if you are dealing with SSDI. Experts are available to answer all of your SSDI questions from the privacy of your home.                        

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