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Disability Insurance Laws

Individuals who physically demonstrate a disability that would hold them back in their capacity to be employed are typically dealing with disability insurance laws. Not knowing if they qualify for disability or the process of applying for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits often lead to questions like the ones answered below.

What is disability insurance?

Disability insurance, also referred to as disability income insurance, is a form of insurance that protects the receiver’s earned income against the threat that a disability will stop them from being able to complete main roles of their job. Disability insurance covers paid sick leave, short term disability benefits, and long term disability benefits.

I live in California and have filed twice for disability insurance and have been denied. The two applications that I have filed are the original application and an appeal. I have had spinal cord surgery and can barely function. Does the denial of my appeal mean I will never get approval?

Just because you were denied your first application and again with your appeal for disability insurance, does not mean that you will not prevail. Many cases eventually get approved at a hearing. At the hearing a judge would be able to assess, with his own senses, your disability and how it has impacted your daily life and why you can’t work.

What is Social Security Disability Insurance?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD or SSDI) is a federal insurance program that is funded by payroll tax. The program is designed to offer supplemental income to individuals who physically exhibit a significant disability that would hinder them in their ability to be employed. Social Security Disability Benefits can be distributed on either a temporary or permanent basis. According to the Social Security Administration a person qualifies for SSDI if:
• They have a physical or mental condition that prevents them for engaging in any “substantial gainful activity,
• The condition is expected to last at least 12 months or result in death,
• They are under the age of 65, and
• Generally, they have accumulated 20 social security credits in the last 10 years prior to the onset of the disability; one additional credit is required for every year by which the worker’s age exceeds 42

I am currently drawing Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits. If I start my pension will it affect the amount of benefits I receive from SSDI?

If you paid into Social Security with the payroll taxes earned from the job that qualified you for the pension, then the pension benefits that you will get will not be counted as additional income to you. Your SSDI benefits therefore will not be affected by the pension benefits.

My husband is 67 years old and collection Social Security Retirement Benefits. He has lung cancer and is receiving benefits from his Long Term Disability Insurance (LTD). He has been paying into both all his life. We are now being questioned by LTD about the amount he is receiving for Social Security Insurance (SSI). Why?

Although Social Security does not penalize for income brought in by the benefactor (after reaching full retirement age), most long term disability companies do reduce benefits for any and all income that is received.

Being well informed and asking lot of questions regarding Disability Insurance can help when confronted with Disability Insurance Laws. Experts can help answer questions about disability insurance qualifications or if your Social Security Disability Benefits are counted against other disability insurance benefits. Get the answers fast and affordably by asking an Expert .
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