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Disability Insurance Laws

What is disability insurance?

Disability insurance is a type of insurance that helps protect the beneficiary’s earned income against the risk of a disability causing then to not be able to perform their jobs. Disability insurance covers against an injury or illness that incapacitates a person for a period of time. There are two kinds of disability insurance, long-term disability and short-term disability.

Can disability insurance companies compel a person to resubmit their claim after 28-years of unchallenged benefit payments?

A disability insurance company, in most cases, can require that a person submit updated medical information that will prove that the person still qualifies for the disability benefits that they are receiving. Disability insurance providers can periodically review the claims of a person and seek to update the person’s information and the person will be liable for complying and sending their medical information to validate the person’s continued eligibility benefits.

If a person purchased long term disability insurance out of their own pocket and could not deduct the premiums from taxes, then become disabled, are the insurance benefits taxable?

If an employer paid the disability insurance or they reimbursed the premiums, then the money would be taxable, but if the person bought disability insurance with money from their paychecks that have already been taxed and the insurance is not worker’s compensation insurance, then the money would more than likely not be taxable.

Is long term disability insurance an advancement to a person’s Social Security Disability Benefits and does a person have to pay back the long term disability insurance payment if Social Security starts providing the person with benefits?

Long term disability benefits is a contractual agreement, so what is stated in the contract regarding the person receiving Social Security Disability Benefits is what will bind the person. Social Security Disability has no rules or laws that prevent the person from receiving long term disability insurance payments, therefore what is in the contract with the long term disability insurance company is what will rule.

If a person is on disability insurance through Social Security, will the person have to tell Social Security if they receive an inheritance?

If the person is receiving Social Security Disability Insurance, the person would generally not have to tell them that they received an inheritance due to the fact that SSDI is not an asset based program. The only income that a person would have to report to SSDI is income, pensions, or wages. The person can find a whole checklist of things that they are required to report at the following link;

When a person is unable to perform their duties at a job due to an accident or disability, then they will have a type of disability insurance. The disability insurance helps the person to live while they are dealing with their disability. When a person is on disability or the person needs to be on disability, then there may be questions regarding the laws and the procedures that the person must do to have the disability insurance. To gain answers to these questions, then the person would need to consult an Expert.
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