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Social Security Disability Claim

There are many people that suffer from disability; these individual many may not know how to get the proper funds that are needed in order to live their lives. In order for a disabled individual to file for a Social Security Disability Claim or Social Security Benefits based on their disability, this individual is required to fill out an application. A person can do this by contacting the Social Security Association by calling or visiting the local Social Security office. Below are commonly asked questions about social security disability claims.

Should a person with a Social Security Disability Claim retire from job? Will this person qualify for a pension from a government job?

The person can file for Social Security Disability Benefits that is if this person qualifies for the Social Security Disability Benefits. If this individual has been awarded with Social Security Benefits then this person will be able to receive a monthly Social Security check from the government. Also, the person will be able to receive pension due to having a government job and paying Social Security taxes to the Social Security Association. The person can apply for the Social Security Disability Benefits and file for temporary disability. If a person is approved; the person can start to receive funds from pension.

Can a person get a copy of a Social Security Disability Claim that was previously denied?

The person could apply for a Social Security Disability Claim whether the person may have the application or not. If a person is denied for a claim; the Social Security Association will access a previous claim that was made. The claim was recorded and the Social Security Court has access to the files. A copy of the Social Security Disability Claim can only be obtained during the hearing stage of a court appearance.

Can a person receive Social Security Disability payments and Unemployment Insurance Payment at the same time?

When a person certifies that they are disabled and applies to receive Social Security Benefits; the person has affected the chances of receiving Unemployment Benefits. When a person files for Unemployment Benefits; this implies that the person is able to look for employment and able to work. The Social Security Association will review application because of the fact that the person is receiving Unemployment Insurance.

Will a person lose benefits if they have a Medical Marijuana card in the state of Arizona? What if the Federal Government decides to arrest Medical Marijuana Users?

A person that is using medical marijuana should not have worries about Social Security Benefits being affected. The usage of marijuana this is used legally is not related to Social Security Benefits that are based on employment. The Social Security Administration does not have any association with marijuana users. Even though, it is against the Federal Law, the Social Security Association doesn’t take action, and a person’s Social Security benefits are not at risk of being terminated or reduced if the Federal government decides to pursue marijuana users.

If an individual receives Social Security Disability Benefits; how much money can a person make a month without affecting Social Security Disability Benefits?

If a person is receives Social Security Disability Benefits; that person can’t make more than $1,010 a month. Substantial Gainful Activity states that if a person makes less than the $1,010 per month; then the Social Security Benefits will not be affected. The work activities shows that the person is gaining a stable income and that the disability does not affect work

The Social Security Disability Claim is needed for people that feel as though their health is starting to affect them and in result unable to maintain current employment, these individual also believe that they may need financial assistance. The disability claim process may be difficult and people may not understand how this process works. Experts can help answer questions that you may have with an issue.
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