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Social Security Disability Application Process

What is a Social Security Disability Application?

If a couple that receives Social Security Disability and afterwards divorces; can one of the people file a claim to receive a potion of ex-spouse’s Social Security benefits as well as the person’s own disability benefits? The person is not allowed to file a claim for spouse benefits/ex-spouse benefits and all attempt to get the disability benefits at the same time. The person should be allowed be their own benefit (which is disability benefits). Also, if the ex-spouse files for retirement or if the couple has been legally divorced for a total of two years; the person could file to receive ex-spouse’s benefits. The benefits will be half of the disability that the ex-spouse receives.

Can a person that is 59 years old apply for Social Security Disability and still work part time?

The person is able to file for Social Security Disability and still be able to have a chance to work while gaining money and still be able to receive the disability benefits for a certain period of time. Social Security has a limited trial period to work. The trial lasts 9 separate months and the person is allowed to earn as much money as possible. Any months of the trial period that the person makes less than $720 does not count within the trial period. After the 9 months is over and the person has made more than $720; the person will able to continue employment at that work place receive Social Security Benefits for an additional three years as long as the person doesn’t make $1, 010 or more.

A couple that is divorced wants to file an application for Social Security Disability Benefits for their child. Can the divorced couple use either the child’s mother address or child’s father address for purposes of the Social Security Application?

The child will have to file for the Supplemental Security Income and will have to use one of the parent’s addresses. Either parent could address could be used on the child’s Social Security Application.

Can a person consider using the services of a Social Security Disability professional when deciding to apply for Social Security Disability Benefits?

In many cases it is wise for an individual to hire an attorney to help with the process of filing for Social Security Disability Benefits. The attorney is trained and knows the law that surrounds the topic of disabilities and what it takes to eligible to receive benefits. When accepting assistance from a licensed professional this many help the individual’s case so the case is not rejected, and the filing is done correctly. When deciding to file for Social Security Disability Benefits on your own, there are some requirements that are skipped over and this could possibly help an individual gain these benefits.

A person with a disability may meet the qualifications to receive the Social Security Disability Benefits but, may not know it. Simply asking an Expert, how does a person obtain Social Security Disability and how would they fill out the Social Security Application could help out a person’s financial life and put them in the right direction. Experts are available to answer questions that may come up regarding Social Security Disability applications.
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