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Direct Tax Law Questions

What are Direct Tax Laws?

The Direct Tax Law deals with rules, policies and laws that rule the process on how taxes are governed. The Direct Tax Law deals with charges that are accumulated on estates, money transactions, properties (such as boats, cars and motorcycles), and a person’s income. The law also deals with channeling of imports from international locations and all levies interfered by the government. Many times when people are dealing with tax, they have questions that need answered. Read below where Experts have answered various questions regarding direct tax law.

What are taxes?

Taxes are fees established by the United States government on product, a person’s income, or activities. If taxes are added towards a person’s income or an organization’s income, it is a Direct Tax. If tax is added on the price of products and services, it is an Indirect Tax. The reason why taxes are established is to fund the government with supporting financial stability within the country.

If it is direct tax; is it apportioned, or if it is an Indirect Tax; is it uniformed?

The taxable income of a person or organization can be either a Direct Tax or be viewed as an Indirect Income tax. The 16th Amendment states that: "The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration."

If a person has a job and wants to further college education; will the person be able to deduct tuition from the income taxes? How can the person prove that job title and graduate school are equal and don't qualify a person for an audit?

The person should be to apply for a program that could assist in deducting balance from the school tuition. If the person’s college major does not equal to the job that the person has; the Life Time Learning Tax Credit is available to be applied for. The Life Time Learning Tax Credit is a program that is available for students that are studying at the Masters level in college; the student has to be accepted into an institution that is accredited. The institution will send the student a form 1098-T that states the eligibility of tuition and fees that are funded to the school. The form is needed to show proof of having the Life Time Learning Credit or other programs that provide in deducting from educational tax expenses.

What are the statutes and regulations that makes a person liable to file and pay income taxes?

The Federal government of the United States created income taxes on the taxable income accumulated from people, organizations, trusts, estates, and properties. At the time of the Civil War; the income tax was created by state and federal government officials. Current income taxes were created through various provisions of Subtitle A of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. There are states that don’t collect income taxes; the state of Nevada does not participate in the collection of income taxes. Also, residents and citizens of the United States may be liable to have to file for income taxes. Everyone does not have to file a tax return.

People that have an earned income are required to file income taxes on jobs that are governmentally funded. Often having questions like; what are taxes, why should I pay taxes, what are the Federal Tax Laws? Taxes help with a financial balance within the country but often are confusing to many common people. Experts are can help assist with questions regarding Direct Tax Laws.
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