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Social Security Direct Deposit

Social Security Direct Deposits are deposits that are made by the Social Security Association into a bank account on behalf of a Social Security beneficiary. Instead, of a person receiving a paper Social Security check; the person will receive funds transferred to the person’s bank account. Once in the bank account a person can withdraw funds from inside the bank, ATM or with an issued bank card.

What can be done about a hacked checking account that contains a person’s social security check?

A suggestion would be to notify the Social Security Association as soon as possible about the problem that has occurred. A person may contact the Social Security Association by going online or by calling. Setting up a new checking account may take up to 60 days in order to receive the check, some individual are not able to wait that long in order to receive their Social Security check. The person may have to notify the Social Security Association to have the checks sent through the mail until a new account is established.

Does Social Security accept a Power of attorney to get Social Security direct deposit transferred to a joint account. Joint account is between family member and person taking care of a family member?

The family member may need a Representative Payee. When a person is made the representative payee; the Social Security checks that the family member may receive are made out to the person that is taking care of the family member. The money is then used to benefit the needs of the family member and for every year documentation must be provided to Social Security Administration showing that money was spent on that family member.

An application is required in order to serve as the payee for the family member. The person must fill out form: FORM SSA-11 and Call 1-800-772-1213 to set up an appointment with the local office.

If a person’s checking account is closed by a bank when person receives Social Security check; what is to be done?

In some cases the bank could be holding the Social Security check. In order, to avoid any other complications; the person may need to go to the bank and open a new checking account. Afterwards, the Social Security Association must be notified as to what the problem is, that way the individual can receive their Social Security check in a timely manner.

How can a person switch social security direct deposits from one bank to another?

The person can contact the Social Security Administration and have the Administration change the direct deposit information. In order for this to be done the individual will need to contact the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 or the change over process can be done online at

How can a person receive a copy of social security income received for the year?

The social security benefits that an individual receives do not contain taxes. The Social Security Association does not issue out a statement every year that has how much social security funds is issued to certain individuals. The person can go to the local Social Security Association and request a yearly Social Security Accounting. Also, the Social Security Association may give a monthly review of benefits that have been received.

Social Security Direct Deposit is a form of receiving Social Security Benefits. Experts are available to help with other questions that include how are Social Security Direct Deposits set up.

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