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Digital TV Channels

Digital TV Channel transmits channels digitally converting the audio and video signals from analog to the digital form for broadcasting over a digital channel. These channels are broadcasted by many cable service providers and television stations through reception techniques like digital satellite, antenna and so on. Below are frequent asked questions on issues relating to Digital TV Channels that has been answered by the Experts.

The digital channels of my Vizio TV are not working. I cannot receive any audio or video message on the digital stations. However, my other TV located downstairs is still receiving the digital stations. What is the problem here?

Based on what you have stated, it looks like your TV has a fault in its digital tuning circuits. Therefore it is unlikely that there is an operator failure issue in this case. However, the problem could be with the failure in the equipment inside your unit. Now in order to cure this problem, you may want to replace the main board of your TV set. You could expect to pay around three hundred and fifty dollars if you want to have it replaced by a professional. However, the replacement cost could be very close to the price of a new TV set.

How can I rescan for the digital channels on my Sony Bravia TV? I lost the manual and cannot find the scan function on my remote. Where can I get the manual?

In order to find the manual for the remote and the TV you would have to click on However, you would need to go to page thirty three of the document to rescan for the digital channels. The procedure for rescanning would be under the section Auto program.

I am not able to find any digital channel on my Samsung LCD TV. The digital functions on the handset are not working and I am unable to select the reset option. What should I do?

In a case like this, what you would need to do first is put your TV on standby mode. After that, you would need to push the following buttons on the remote in a series. To begin with, you would need to press the Info button. Then you would have to press the Menu button followed by the Mute. Finally, you should push the Power button that would switch the TV on, displaying the menu on the screen. Now once the TV is on, you would need to press the down arrow until option twelve gets highlighted. Following that you would have to perform a reset on the unit and then press the right arrow to enter the option. This procedure would allow your TV to turn off. However, the set would start in the plug and play mode once it is turned back on.

I have a Logik TV. However, I cannot get my TV set tuned to digital channels. After completing a 100% channel scan, it displays nothing but a frozen tuning screen. How can I correct this problem?

To begin with, you would need to perform a soft reset on the TV by disconnecting it for few hours. Once the reset is done, you could connect the TV back. However, you must remember to disconnect the aerial cable from the TV’s back before you connect the unit. Now the next thing would be to switch the TV on and perform an auto channel scan. Since the aerial has already been disconnected, the scanning would fail to discover any channel at this point of time. Once the scanning gets over, you would need to power off the TV and again leave it disconnected for few hours. Now since the TV has been switched off for few hours you could plug the aerial connection back into the TV’s rear. Then you would have to switch the TV on and perform the auto scan process once again. This time it would not only discover channels correctly but would also allow you to view the entire EPG guide data. However, if this fails to work, it would indicate that you might need an Indoor Amplified TV aerial. For more information on the aerial amp, you may want to visit Digital TV Channel broadcasts audio and video signals that are digitally processed. These channels occupy lesser space within bandwidth and therefore, allow its viewers to enjoy more number of channels in one region. Moreover, they provide a better picture removing any interference from TV signals. If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to Digital TV Channels, you may ask a TV Technician expert to evaluate your case details and provide a technical insight.
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