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Digital Clock Problems

What is a digital clock?

A digital clock is a clock which displays time in numerals or digitally as compared to an analog model whereas analog models point to the time with the help of needles. Digital clocks are compact and inexpensive hence are incorporated into various appliances such as microwaves, ovens, ranges, radios and so on. In some cases, the clock and the control panel of the appliance are interlinked and problems with the digital clock could mean control board issues. Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on digital clocks.

After a power interruption why is my digital clock displaying “FFF”? I am unable to reset.

First you should try turning off the breaker and waiting for 30 minutes before turning it back on. If it does not work the first time, turn it off again and leave it off for longer to check if the control board will reset its program. If this does not work, the FFF display indicates the electronic range control has failed and needs to be replaced.

What could be the problem where a power outage occurred but did not affect the time, but on a Kenmore stove with a digital clock on the back upright portion is running slower than normal?

Based on the description of your problem, it is possible that your digital clock could be damaged due to the power surge or erratic power supply. This type of power outage affects the oven’s clock/computer. And the computer is what controls the clock as well. Based on the age and condition of the stove you have to decide what you need to do with the clock. If it is an older stove, the clock can be sent for repair. If it is a newer digital model the clock may need to be replaced. The cost for the replacement part could range from $90 to $125 and labor can cost you $90 to $120.

How can I fix a digital clock which is running fast on a Hotpoint stove?

There is no fix or repair for this type of a problem. You will probably need to replace the clock which can cost you over $70. The knob may also need to be replaced since the old or current one on your appliance may not fit the new replacement part once installed. To do the replacement the clock generally has connections at the back. Though the connections cannot be interchanged it is quite a simple fix. You could take pictures on a digital camera prior to disassembling so you know how it goes back in place. There is also an option to have the stove clock repaired but it could work out more expensive to repair than replace.

What does the F7 error being displayed on the digital clock of my Radiant range mean?

F7 indicates that one of the function keys could have short circuited, got stuck or jammed. This signifies the user interface is faulty. Since it is all digital and electronic the defective button cannot be repaired. In order to get it to work again it will need to be replaced.

Why is my GE Ranger making a constant buzzing noise? And the number flip does not display the correct time.

The reason this is happening is that the clock life is probably coming to an end and this is an older flip model which is no longer easily available. In order to address the buzzing issue you will need to access the wires of the clock and locate the motor for the timer which controls it. If one of these wires to the motor is cut, the buzzing will cease. However due to this clock being an older model, specific instructions to access the clock area is difficult to find and provide. You could opt to replace the old clock with the newer models with electronic control.

Digital clocks are an important device not just to display time but to set time for cooking and baking purposes. The digital clock is also a component which tells you if your appliance is working fine or if there is something wrong with it. In most cases when you face digital clock issues, the control panel will need to be replaced to fix the issue. In such cases it is not just the digital clock which does not work but the oven or stove could stop functioning too. Usually the resolutions for problems with digital clocks are fairly easy repair or replacement. It can be managed by you if you are handy and have someone to guide you with the right information and instructions. This is where Experts are the tools to help you through this process in an effective, simple and reasonable manner.

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