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Dieting Questions

Dieting is the process of regulating one's caloric intake in an attempt to decrease or maintain body weight. Dieting often involves a combination of food regulation and exercise. There are many dieting strategies available on the market. However many people design their own dieting routine with marked success. To learn more about dieting, take a look below at the questions that has been answered by Experts.

What causes a person to gain weight with constant dieting?

When dieting it may first be necessary to have an examination by one's doctor to ensure the patient is healthy and ready for dieting. If the person is given a clean bill of health, it may be possible that the person in taking in more calories that they are expending.

Many people find keeping a food and exercise journal to be very helpful. The journal helps the person keep track of how much food and what type of food is eaten daily. Furthermore it makes the person accountable for what they eat. This tends to make the person more aware of what is eaten and when.

Using the same scale to track weight loss may also help keep an accurate count of weight loss. Many times people use different scales which may not read the same.

There are online resources which help people keep track of diet and exercise, and counting calories. If online isn't an option, many book stores have self help sections that cover diet and weight loss.

Will dieting and exercise help with diabetes that interferes with a couple's sex life?

Generally one must focus on managing the diabetes and sugar levels which in turn lowers the chance of nerve damage. As for interference with the sex life, a man generally needs to perform sex on a regular basis in order to maintain a healthy blood flow to the penis. Diet and exercise play a large role in managing diabetes by keeping glucose levels low and stimulating nerves and small blood vessels.

Can too much dieting and exercising cause hemorrhoids and bloody stool?

In some cases straining may cause hemorrhoids as well as sit ups. However many things may cause hemorrhoids such as hard stools and constipation. Straining to pass hard stool may cause hemorrhoids as well as bleeding. Bright red blood indicated that it is fresh and is generally noticed at the tip of the stool or on the toilet tissue.

In the event of dark blood or a black stool, there may be an issue further up in the colon. When dark blood or black stools are noticed, a colonoscopy may be required to investigate possible issues such as diverticulitis, cancer, or malformation of blood vessels.

Does both the herbal supplement Echinacea and dieting pills interact with birth control pills such as Ortho Tricyclin Lo?

The most important part of taking a low dose birth control pill usually consists of taking the pill the same time every day. This ensures the levels remain consistent and don't fluctuate. There doesn't appear to be any information stating that Echinacea and birth control pills have interactions. Because there are so many diet products on the market, it is hard to determine which product may interact with birth control pills. If a person is concerned about mixing the diet pill and birth control pill, the person may discuss this with their doctor.

Dieting has been around for centuries and is generally stemmed by vanity. Of course everyone wants to look their best. However sometimes dieting can be very difficult. There are times when a person reaches a snag and is unsure how to get beyond that point. If a person has questions or concerns regarding dieting, the person should ask an Expert for medical insight and suggestions.
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