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Diesel Pusher RV Related Questions

What can be done about the rear air bags not inflating on a diesel pusher RV? Or, what is preventing your diesel pusher RV from starting? Diesel pusher motorhomes offer a smoother ride and possess better torque for towing and handle better. Maintenance is relatively more with an annual chassis maintenance because of the torque or if it is primarily used for towing. Based on the condition and maintenance, the problems faced with the diesel pushers can vary. If you need more information on them, RV Experts online are the right source to put your mind at ease.

Read below where Experts have answered a few questions about diesel pusher RVs.

What does the transfer relay on a Discovery diesel pusher do?

The transfer relay is meant to detect incoming power source and switch between generator and shore power, depending on which source is being used. When these switches fail the Diesel Pusher experiences no AC power on one source and this can occur on generator or shore power. In such a situation, it would be wise to reduce the load within and check if the ticking being heard stops.

After half an hour of starting, why does the Phaeton Allegro diesel pusher downshifting and losing power with illuminated warning lights?

This could be a sign of problematic fuel filters, which needs to be replaced. If this has been carried out, there may be other things to check. Ensure the oil and coolant levels are topped off. If the diesel pusher is equipped with a Cummins engine, you need to find a shop that has access to the Cummins in-house software. Each time the engine light illuminates, a code gets stored. A shop equipped with proper software can extract the codes to check the fault occurring. After this, the software will provide information and plausible solutions to the problem. Therefore, the first step would be to pull out the codes and have them read for further diagnosis. 

What can be done if the rear air bags do not inflate on a diesel pusher RV?

First, if you have not already tried, run the jacks down and retract them. Once the jacks are back up, the engine should be started to allow the air reach maximum pressure after which the foot brake should be applied and the parking brake released. On some diesel pusher’s when the parking brake is released, it could fill the air bags. If that is not happening, it could be a solenoid problem on the jacks. The diesel pusher RV also comes equipped with ride height valves but typically, the rear has one per air bag and it is rare for both to fail at once. In case one side was coming up but not the other, it could be a faulty ride height valve.

What could be preventing the Holiday Rambler diesel pusher from starting?

Case Details: The transmission pad is not lighting up.

Basically, if the pad is not working, the engine will not crank. First, the engine needs to be at neutral to start. The chassis battery should be checked for a smaller gauge wire with an in-line fuse to ensure it is not blown. Next, you need to locate the Allison control box. Inside this box are some relays and two mini fuses. The location can vary at times where the box is either on the exterior while at other times it is below the shifter pad on the dashboard. Additionally, some diesel pusher RV’s have a rear engine start and the switch needs to be in the proper position for it to start. It is normally located at the rear engine access. You should also look for a round button which is an emergency button to stop or cease the engine.

Why do the driving lights, wipers, running, brake lights and horn go off on a Monaco Windsor diesel pusher on starting the engine?

The voltage at the batteries should be checked while starting, to ensure it is not too high or low. Next, the main fuse box for the chassis should be checked along with the wiring ensuring nothing is loose and the main ground is good. If a male and female connector plug is found, they will bundle a bunch of 12 volt wires, plugged in together. Make sure none of these are loose. Follow the main harness from the fuse box inside the dashboard to prevent anything from rubbing. Inspect all the wires in the dashboard. Sometimes if the RV has a smart wheel, the problem could be with the wiring harness.

What could go wrong with the air horns on the Gulfstream Tourmaster Diesel Pusher?

You need to check for the air horn solenoid, it usually has air lines and 12 volt wires going through it. This could be present up front, below the front cap area or at the front driver’s side compartment. You also need to ensure good air pressure is present. The solenoid should be replaced or a different relay can be tried.

As seen listed above, there are some problems people have faced with their diesel pusher. There may be other issues which are not covered in this article. Some of these issues can be tackled easily by you as the RV owner if you are armed with the right information. With Experts’ insights you are also in a better position to make informed decisions. Verified Experts, who are available online, provide customized answers to specific problems from the comfort of your home, saving you time and money.

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