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Cat Diarrhea Treatment

Diarrhea is one of the most common problems that is found in cats. Diarrhea may be caused by a number of reasons, as well as this may make a cat feel sick or weak. Diarrhea in cats may often leave pets owners with many questions to which individuals may not find the answers easily. Read below where some of the important questions regarding cat diarrhea have been answered by Experts.

What are the different causes of diarrhea in a cat?

There are various things that may cause diarrhea in a cat. Some of these are:
• Parasites
• Infectious diseases
• Dietary indiscretion (the cat eating what it is not supposed to eat)
• Sudden change in diet
• Stress
• In some cases, it could be an indication of liver or kidney disease or an inflammatory bowel disease.

What could cause symptoms of soft jelly like diarrhea as well as blood in the stool be in a 9 year old cat?

The symptoms described may indicate that the cat may have colitis. If this is the condition, the cat may tend to have more frequent stools, a sense of urgency, straining at times, and mucus and blood in the stool. The condition may be caused because of different things such as stress, if the cat eats something that it is not supposed to, dietary changes, bacterial and viral infections and parasites. An individual may add more fiber to the cat’s diet, give the cat more water to drink and put the cat on probiotics. The can may also be given a spoon of active culture yoghurt two times a day.

What can be done to help a cat who has had diarrhea and a sore anus as well as bleeding from the anus?

The owners of the cat may need to stop feeding the cat and give it as much water as possible. The cat may also be given ¼ of human Imodium tablet once every 12 hours. The individual may also apply preparation-h wipes to the anus once every few hours and apply hydrocortisone cream once every 3-4 hours. Once the diarrhea stops, the cat may be given a small bite of plain cooked chicken or turkey along with rice. The owners may need to keep an eye on the cat for about an hour to see if the cat develops diarrhea again before allowing the cat to eat any more. If there is no diarrhea, then the cat may slowly be given food again. The cat may need to stay on a bland diet for a minimum of 24 hours before starting a regular diet.

What can be done to help a kitten that has diarrhea?

Diarrhea in kittens may be common and most of the times the kittens may grow out of the problem. However, there are certain things that the owners can do to help the kittens in such a situation. Some of these things are given below:
• Deworming the kitten can help improve the problem as the diarrhea could have been caused due to parasites.
• Giving the cat probiotics. Most of the times, foul smelling diarrhea could be caused due to over growth of bad bacteria in the intestines. Giving the kitten probiotics will help to develop good bacteria that will reduce the diarrhea.
• Changes in diet
• Giving the kitten metronidazole can help to control the diarrhea.

A cat is like a member of the family. Just like individuals stress and get worried when a member of their family that is ill, it is natural for individuals to worry over a cat’s health. It may not be easy for some individuals to deal with diarrhea in a cat, especially if the individual is unaware of what they may be able to do to help it. At such times, individuals may speak to an Expert and get all their questions about cat diarrhea answered.
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