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Diabetes Insipidus in Dogs

What is diabetes insipidus in Dogs?

Diabetes insipidus may not be a very common disease for some dogs to have. However, this disease may cause a dog’s kidneys to not be able to absorb unnecessary water; this may also make a dog’s urine water downed. Diabetes insipidus may often cause a dog to become very thirsty, causing the dog to drink large amounts of water. With a dog that is drinking extreme amounts of water, the dog may urinate excessively and the urine may be weak. For more information concerning diabetes insipidus in dogs for instance, what cases diabetes insipidus; is there a cure for this disease and what are some diabetes insipidus tests. For answers to questions like these and many more read below where Experts have answered many frequently asked questions.

What could diabetes insipidus cause a dog to have diluted urine and frequent urination?

It could be that a dog with these symptoms to possibly have diabetes insipidus; the only issue is that there may be two different types of this disease. Normally, both types of diabetes insipidus may call for a different medication. It may also be possible that there are other conditions that could cause weak urine. The dong may need blood work in order to rule out other causes of the symptoms such as kidney or Cushing’s disease. The blood work may show if diabetes insipidus is the issue and which type so a vet may be able to prescribe the proper medication.

Does a dog that has diabetes insipidus need medication?

In some situations diabetes insipidus may not be required to be treated. Typically, the main worry may be that the dog may become severely dehydrated, this may happen if the dog goes without water even for a short period of time. The dog may be fine, if the dog has access to water at all times however, this may mean leaving several big bowls of water outside or even leave the toilet in the case the dog runs out of water inside.

How can someone tell if a dog has diabetes insipidus or diabetes mellitus?

In some cases it may be very simple to tell which type of diabetes a dog may have. Typically, a vet may run some tests to see what the dog’s glucose levels are. In some cases, if a dog’s blood work comes back and its glucose level is high, the dog may have diabetes mellitus. The dog’s urine may also show to be very high in a glucose test. This may be due to the fact that the glucose may not be able to absorb into the cells from deficient production of insulin. If the dog has diabetes insipidus the dog’s glucose levels may be extremely low and have very weak urine samples.

What could cause a dog to have an enormous water intake?

When a dog has an extreme want or need for water, there may be several different causes for this symptom. Normally, the first thought may be diabetes insipidus. This condition may be due to the lack of insulin being produced in the dog’s body. Typically, without insulin, the water may not be absorbed into the cells and just pass through the kidneys, which may make a dog’s urine water downed.

There may not be very many cases of diabetes insipidus; however, it may be possible for a dog to have this disease. Many owners may not realize that their dog has diabetes insipidus; the owner may typically think that the dog just drinks a lot of water. When a dog owner’s dog is diagnosed with this disease the owner may have several questions such as, if there is a cure for diabetes insipidus or even how diabetes insipidus is treated. For answers to these questions and many more, individuals may contact an Expert.
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