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DHCP Problems

What is DHCP and how does it work?

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is an advanced version of communications or network protocol. It allows the computer to join an Internet Protocol (IP) based network without having a pre-configured IP address. It allows the host to obtain the IP configuration information from a DHCP server by minimizing configuration errors caused by manual IP address configuration. In simple words, it lets the network administrators centrally manage and automate the process of IP assignment from a subnet or pool that has been assigned to the network instead of relying on a specific IP address. Listed below are some relevant answers provided by Experts on bandwidth and its related problems

Do I need to disable DHCP from the router to set the IP addresses on the computers manually?

There are two options to set up IP addresses manually. First, you will have to disable the DHCP from the router and then reboot the computers after you are done with setting up the IP addresses manually. Now, the other option is used to eliminate conflicts between the IP addresses and you don’t have to reconfigure IP for each computer without DHCP while following this process. You need to add all connected computers to the address ‘reservation list’ after you log into the router’s network settings. In most cases this should help you to solve such problems.

How to install Oracle software 10g on a DHCP configured computer?

To install software, you have to statistically assign IP address for that computer without DHCP. The second way is to follow the instructions in the link below

Our business server is running on a Windows Server 2011 and we have our local DHCP server on. We have internet access but at times we witness transient delay in our local network. We use Comcast modem for internet service. What could be the problem and how to solve this?

This is a clear case of IP conflict. To bring it to an end, it is advisable to turn off the DHCP on the server. This would only allow the DHCP service run on the modem. You need to follow this procedure if the server is acting only as a file server. However, if other services are also running on the server, you have to disable the DHCP on the modem after you install Domain Name System (DNS) service on the server.

I can see a number of users in my DHCP clients table with lots of unknown IP addressed listed in my incoming log. I want to figure out who are these users and what all they do once they get connected using my Wi-Fi.

It seems that, your Wi-Fi is not secured and you would not be able to catch them, because their computers are not registered with your DHCP. Secure your Wi-Fi router with Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and it would prevent others to log in to your network. Of course, you can check their activities like which sites they visit and what filed they download by turning on the log files.

With a Linksys WRV200 Wireless G-VPN router in use, how do I ensure that my DHCP functionalities are active?

Connect your router to the computer and enter in to the router page by clicking on the ‘set up’ tab you will see network set up server where you can check whether your DHCP option is enabled or not.

Implementation of DHCP servers have now become standard practice in almost all organizations. An incorrectly configured DHCP sever would lead to IP address conflict between all he computers running on the network. Sometimes, DHCP problems could lead to problems like clients not being able to reach external network or not being able to use the internet with domain names and server is not being able give addresses. So, to make things better when you face such problems related DHCP, you can always seek an Expert’s recommendation to help solve your issues.
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