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Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS) Regulations

What is the Defense Finance and Accounting Services?

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) is a service that is part of the United States Department of Defense. The Defense Finance and Accounting Services give financial support as well as advisement to the civil and military members of the whole department. The service includes being processed into the military, it manages a person’s military health care, and it includes other benefits granted towards military officials that are civilian or may retiree.

Can the DFAS stop an allowance without the consent of the Military Member because of a recoupment of a Soldier that received separate pay due to downsizing than stayed out of the Active Army and became a Reservist?

It is now the law for the Defense Finance and Accounting Service to stop the allotment with letting the military person know. If a person gets a check for separation pay and then decides to retire, the money paid to the person in the separation’s pay is taken out of the person’s retirement pay.

The person can make a request to the Defense Financial and Accounting Service that the fee be deleted. The Army gave the person funds for leaving the military services; this is funded to the person if the active duty pension is not given. On the other hand, if the person decides to get the active duty retirement; the separation money will have to be refunded back to the accounting services.

Can the Defense Financial and Accounting Service use a person’s un-served time from that person’s second enlistment when the person was discharged properly from second enlistment prior to re-enlisting for a third enlistment.

DFAS can take the funds from the second enlistment which was decreased due to the third re-enlistment. The person can notify the Defense Financial and Accounting Service can refer the person to look up the provision of the manual that are labeled as joint and service. The person may have re-enlisted for the third time right before the second enlistment expired. The accounting service is taking time away the second enlistment. The accounting service is also allowed to take away any time that wasn’t served in the third enlistment.

Is there a statue of limitations for the military to collect out-of-service debt, from an overpayment during active duty?

The person has to go through a process to attempt to have the repayment of money to stop. The person is not at fault for being given the overpayment that was awarded to them. It must be evidence to show that the payment was not at fault of the person that received it. The accounting service will take income tax money that the people receive every year in order to pay the debt; they may even turn it over to the IRS.

The Defense Financial and Accounting Service sent a person a letter of debt that was accumulated years ago. Can they come to the person with a debt 5 years later?

The Defense Financial and Accounting Service is in fact allowed to come seek payment 5 years later. There is not a statute of limitations on the accounting service. The bank may have records that can provide the person with information on what is to be owed to the accounting service. The person can ask for a waiver if the person believes that this is an error.

Sometimes there are payments that are accumulated over time in the military by people that may not understand how things work. There may be people that don’t understand if certain precautions aren’t taken; it may end up funds being owed to the Defense Financial and Accounting Service. Many people may not understand the regulations, rules, or the pay amount. Experts are here to help with all of those concerns that people may have.
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