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Dermatology Problems

What is dermatology?

Dermatology is the practice of medicine concerning the treatment of skin issues and skin diseases. Dermatology deals with distinctive fields that involve medical and surgical features. An individual that works in the field of dermatology is referred to as a dermatologist and this individual cares of different diseases located on the skin, scalp of the head, hair and nails. When dermatology issues occur, individuals may wonder how to seek medical attention from a dermatologist as well as the many different dermatology problems or procedures. Read below where Experts have answered many frequently asked questions about dermatology problems.

What could cause itchy hands with no rash or redness with a history of diabetes?

There could be many different causes of an individual to have itchy hands, as well as they can appear even if there isn’t a rash present. Often, an itchy hand is caused by contact dermatitis, kidney disease, hypothyroidism, certain hematological issues, stress and anxiety. Often, there are cases where no cause is found, and this is referred to as Idiopathic Itching. Since the individual has a history of diabetes, the individual may need to seek medical attention and have tests performed for further treatments. While the individual is waiting for the results of these tests, anti-histamines can be taken from over the counter medication to help treat the symptoms.

Can a possible rash of syphilis spread to a person’s scalp that appeared after seeing a hairstylist?

A syphilis rash located on the hands is known as an advanced stage of syphilis and therefore is uncommon in today’s antibiotics. The rash that is located on the scalp may be eczema. This condition is a non contagious dermatitis that is often because of being highly exposed to too much hair chemicals.

What could be the cause of little blacks dots being located on the shaft of a penis that have been present for three months with no change in shape or size?

Often the cause of black dots being located on an individual’s penis may be referred to as Genital Warts (human papilloma virus infection). Molluscum Contagiosum. Molluscum is known as another type of viral infection that can resemble warts but can be distinguished by a needle extirpation test. In the case the bumps have not changed in years, a possible cause could be Ectopic Sebaceous Glands. Genital Warts or Molluscum is not considered dangerous to an individual, but can be transmitted to another individual during sexual intercourse. Treatment should be performed by a dermatologist with the following: Podophylltoxin application, Imiquimod application of 50-100% TCA application.

When dermatology issues occur on an individual’s skin, scalp or hair many questions may arise. Dermatology issues can cause a lot of concern as well as frustration as some issues can affect a person’s everyday life. These questions may include what the dermatology procedures include, or what are the most common dermatology issues. When these questions arise, individuals can contact an Expert for valuable information and answers.
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