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Department of Taxation Questions

Each state in the United States has a branch that handles the taxation of the residents of that state, for most states this branch is known as the Department of Taxation. The Department of Taxation of most states maintains the tax laws for the state. The Department of Taxation is the department that sends out notices to those who are delinquent on their taxes. Below are questions that been asked of the Experts in regards to the Department of Taxation.

Is there a penalty if an individual is unable to verify charitable contributions, to the Department of Taxation in New York?

If an individual is unable to give the Department of Taxation for the State of New York, the charitable deductions that they are unable to verify will be disallowed. If the individual received an income tax return from the State of New York’s Department of Taxation, they are in the position of having to pay a portion of their return back to the Department of Taxation, due to the unverified charitable deductions being disallowed.

Does the State of Virginia’s Department of Taxation; operate under a statue of limitations on tax debt?

The statute of limitations for the Department of Taxation for the State of Virginia on a tax debt is 20 years. So if an individual owes a tax debt that has matured to 20 years, the Department of Taxation is able to make attempts to collect the debt. The Department of Taxation may enlist the help of a collection agency to collect the tax debt.

If a Limited Liability Company (LLC) has a three way partnership with two partners residing in one state and the third residing in New Jersey, does the New Jersey Department of Taxation require anything when filing income tax?

Yes if one of the partners resides in New Jersey then the New Jersey Department of Taxation requires that a Form 1065 be filed. According to the New Jersey State Department of Taxation, even if the principal place of business is outside of New Jersey, as long as a partner resides in New Jersey then filing fees and taxation may be forced upon the business.

Does the State of Ohio Department of Taxation requires that a non- resident pay sales tax when purchasing a vehicle?

A non-resident of the state of Ohio is not liable for sales tax when purchasing a vehicle as long as the individual is able to prove that they are indeed a non-resident of the state of Ohio. Also according to the Ohio State Department of Taxation sales tax needs not be paid if possession of the vehicle is taken in the state of Ohio with the express purpose of immediately leaving the state of Ohio and that will be tagged and registered in another state. It is also important to note that according to Ohio State Department of Taxation a non-resident member of the armed forces stationed in Ohio is obligated to pay sales tax on a vehicle purchased in Ohio.

The Department of Taxation may require that if an individual is unable to verify charitable contributions that they may have to repay the amount deducted from their income tax return. Any questions regarding the Department of Taxation can be directed to the Experts.
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