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Department of Revenue Questions

The Department of Revenue legislates and regulates tax laws at both State and Federal levels. Other than tax collection and distribution does the Department of Revenue regulate child support and custody cases? What if one could not pay their taxes?

What is the Department of Revenue?

Department of Revenue can refer to various government agencies responsible for handling revenue generated from the taxation of citizens and businesses. Each State may have its own department of revenue that collects both state and local taxes. The Experts have answered many concerns about the Department of Revenue in the questions answered below.

Can North Carolina Department of Revenue garnish an individual’s wages, to repay back taxes owed, if the only source of income was unemployment benefit?

The Department of Revenue has all rights to garnish one’s income, for back taxes owed, even if that income is generated through unemployment benefits. The only way to cease a garnishment through the government is by paying off the debt. Social Security benefits may be the only source of income that is exempt from garnishments.

Can a person’s wages be garnished, for a tax debt accrued by their spouse?

Some states provide that a spouse's wages can be garnished for another's debt. Though a spouse may not assume responsibility for the debt, the state may or may not have right to garnish his wages. Money in a joint bank account, on the other hand, may be subject to garnishment of those funds.

Is there a statute of limitations for the Department of Revenue on liens for estimated tax withholding at the state level from a business that filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

The Department of Revenue at the Federal level may have no statute of limitations, once a tax lien has been assessed and filed. Statute of limitations may vary at the State level. Each state could have individual laws that address statute of limitations when assessing a tax lien or for collection of a delinquent tax debt. There are only possible statutes of limitations assessing a tax lien. There is no time limit, in the case of fraud or if the taxpayer fails to file a tax return.

What involvement would the Department of Revenue, who handles child support cases, have in the change of custody and modification of an original order?

The Department of Revenue interest is in establishing paternity, obtaining child support orders and enforcing those orders. They are not involved in the modification of the order or custody issues.

When choosing how much tax deductions one wants withheld from their pay, they might choose a larger deduction, to assure they are paying enough to avoid a lien or garnishment in the future. The Department of Revenue conforms to the laws, our government legislates. Without taxes our government would not have funding for many programs. For more information pertaining to the Department of Revenue contact the thousands of Experts.
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